Thursday, August 27, 2009

Have your say this year in the Coast Magazines "Best of" Issue

Have your say this year in the Coast Magazine's "Best of" Issue - past year's issues seem to have passed by dog owners in the HRM it would seem - based on what has won in the categories that responsible dog owners would give a fig about - ie best "pet store" and areas such as that.

So this year I've tried to keep close tabs on when the questionnaire came out - and by the grace of dog - I HAVE noticed! And here's the link for you all to go vote, and make your voice heard - the link is

This year - why don't we vote for a pet store that actually deserves to win - like Global Pets - who spend a ton of money sponsoring lots of local dog events, and are truly philanthropic with local dog charities and go above and beyond in the loca dog community. They really ARE the best pet store in the HRM - not some self serving pseudo pet store down town that likes to smash up people behind their back and cause 4 years of heart break to other local dog businesses and thousands of dollars going through the court system. Pet stores that are merely a mirage on the outside.

Another great store is the Three Dog Bakery over in Dartmouth Crossing - they also sponsor a lot of great local dog events, and sell a lot of great dog stuff.

So go the Coast questionnaire, and fill it out and vote for who has been doing the best and most notable - and WORTHWHILE work in the last year - and let your voice be heard!

UPDATE - Bark and Fitz has started a Facebook group to get itself nominated as the Best Pet store in Halifax - which would be a great store to be voted in as the best choice for the category too! You can check out the Facebook group - here -

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