Thursday, July 30, 2009

A moment before the floodgates opened

Jackie went to the beauty parlour today - and while me, Bobby and Buttercup waited for him we took a walk over to the Halifax Commons.
It was pretty muggy today, but it didn't really occur to me that it was going to rain, so I didn't take any rain gear with me.
We had a nice walk from Metro Dog Wash to "Janes on the Commons" to get some supplies -and then over to the middle of the Commons to have a sit down and a snack, and then I took these photos here -
And I no sooner put the camera away when it started plop-plopping out of the sky big rain drops and within a couple of seconds - a huge downpour started.
And it wasn't a regular rain storm - it was one of those downpours where you've got to pull the car over when you're on the highway because you can't see in front of you.
And we were in the middle of the Halifax Commons.
I can tell you that the dogs were not impressed - especially Bobby, because it appears that he has an especial aversion to water. When we got back over to Cunard Street - his first chance to duck under a porch - he refused to come out and I had to carry him back to the car. He is a funny little dog - and to me, that's funny - haha, but to others that may not be quite so funny haha - but he's pretty funny.

Jackie seems to be very happy with his much more svelte self - he loves it after his hair is cut - and he always looks so beautiful with his shorter hair cut - although he looks very cute with long hair too - but he's got a serious hum when his hair is long.
I think this was what he was trying to get back when we got home because he was doing quite a bit of rolling on the carpet - trying to get his hum back I think.
It's pretty funny watching a dog who's all belly traying to roll over - it's such an accomplishment for them when they actually do it.
Charlie was just happy that everyone was home, happy, and safe - and that the hard rain didn't bring any thunder with it this time!
Bobby felt like he hadn't quite worn himself out on our adventure - so he decided that he needed to abuse Mr. Piglet - I don't know though if Mr. Piglet felt he deserved this kind of treatment.

One last shot of Jackie chillaxing - by the time his haircut was finished there was a lull in the rainfall - so he didn't have to suffer through getting wet - he didn't know what he missed - and I don't think he felt sorry about that...


  1. Love your documenting your dogs experiences...the pictures are great..especially since I am such a visual person! LOL!


  2. He is a funny little dog - and to me, that's funny - haha, but to others that may not be quite so funny haha - but he's pretty funny.

    HEHEHE HAHAHA!!! ME TOO! this was a good post! loved the pics, who wouldn't. Jack makes me laugh.