Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ontario supreme Court dismisses bid to quash Ontario's ban on pit bulls

Unbelievable - all the money, blood, sweat and tears put in by owners of bully dogs - and owners of every other type of dog all across this country here in Canada - and across the world - to show the people of Ontario, that the ban their government had imposed on pit bulls was draconian, wrong, unnecessary, ill-advised, targetted the wrong thing, was baseless, wouldn't fix the problem - if there was indeed one in their province - and we were all willing to put our money where our mouth was.

So literally 100's of thousands of dollars was raised and faith was put in the man named Clayton Ruby so that the fight could be taken all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada - and today that battle was lost. In a CTV news article just published - "The Ontario Appeal Court concluded that pit bulls are dangerous and unpredictable dogs that have the potential to attack without warning."

Really, they couldn't be more more wrong. How can something so important to so many people have come to such an illogical conclusion? How could this have ended so badly? I am really confused. Things are always supposed to end so that the right decisions are being made when it's the smartest people in the country making the decisions. I don't understand. How can they be legislating the deaths of animals that absolutely don't deserve it? Did they even go anywhere to meet an animal that they could find that they'd call a "pit bull"?

Did they know the fallout of what their decision would be? And what is going to happen now? That it's going to give legislators and dog haters everywhere carte blanche to start killing square headed muscular dogs wherever they find them? I just don't understand it. It is such a dark day for Ontario, there aren't any words to describe it.

Everywhere else in the world is beginning to see the light and repeal their bsl laws - and here in Canada - it's becoming firmly entrenched. For the places where it hasn't come to yet - we've got to make sure that it doesn't take a foothold, that's for sure. And we've got to fight hard.

And we've also got to make sure that Ontario knows how displeased dog owners are with this decision - a total embargo on Ontario by every dog loving Canadian. It's the only way until there is no bsl in Ontario.

Here's the CTV article -

SCC will not hear appeal of Ontario's pit bull ban
Updated Thu. Jun. 11 2009 10:26 AM ET

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA -- The Supreme Court of Canada will not hear a bid to quash Ontario's ban on pit bulls.

The attempt to take the fight to Canada's highest court was launched in April by lawyer Clayton Ruby.

In his submission to the Supreme Court, Ruby argued there is no scientific or statistical basis to conclude that pit bulls are more dangerous than other dogs.

He asked the Supreme Court to review a decision from Ontario's Appeal Court last October that upholds the province's ban.

Today, the high court dismissed the application to hear the appeal.

The Ontario Appeal Court concluded that pit bulls are dangerous and unpredictable dogs that have the potential to attack without warning.

The Ontario government enacted the Dog Owners' Liability Act in 2005 to ban the breeding, sale and ownership of pit bulls after several incidents in which the dogs attacked people.


  1. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Justice System bought and paid for.
    That`s how it happened.

    The ONLY way is for EVERY Canadian who knows the truth to write to the Premier of Ontario and to demand a REPEAL of Bill 132 now!

    Quit listening to GROUPS telling you what to do.
    Think for yourselves.
    (You do BTW)

    You know the truth
    Here it is if you don`t

    OVMA Testimony

    CHIRPP and Canadian Fatalities



    Force them into Court on each and every dog that is not one of the 3 named recognized Breeds!

    If you don`t own a recognized Pure Breed DO NOT KNOW if you need to comply!

    WAKE UP!
    Get a lawyer and go to Court if they charge you.
    You DO NOT know if you fall under this legislation.
    Quit fooling yourselves.

  2. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Great News!

    This may (may, not will) make things safer for people.

    While pitbulls may not attack unprovoked any more than golden retrievers, they cause way more damage. You never read about poodles or daschunds or labradoodles or whatever other types you dog kissers covet killing people or maiming them seriously.

    So this is a start - there is much more to come, hopefully, like banning people (whose dogs attack) from owning dogs and impounding dogs that attack repeatedly.

    How do you fine dog owners, who insist that the public pay for your dog to exercise and socialize, feel about that? If you hate BSL so much, what are your solutions to the problem? Equip everyone with a pit bull so it all evens out?

  3. Anonymous3:05 PM

    "....they cause way more damage....."

    and you base that thoughtful comment on.....?

    [quote]No breed or type of dog has a particular method of attack or inflicts an exclusive type of injury. Claims that one breed of dog inflicts injuries unlike other breeds have no merit.[/quote]

    Apparently you can`t read or comprehend what you read..

    OVMA Testimony

    [quote]An argument is sometimes made that, while all dogs bite, only a few breeds cause serious injury when they attack. Again, this hypothesis does not withstand scrutiny. A study by the Canadian hospitals injury reporting and prevention program examined the dog breeds involved in attacks that were serious enough that the victim sought medical attention at one of eight reporting hospitals. The study revealed that 50 different types of purebreds and 33 types of crossbreeds had been involved in the attacks, the most common breeds being German shepherds, cocker spaniels, Rottweilers and golden retrievers.

    What about the most serious of attacks, those resulting in the death of a person attacked? Since 1983, there have been 23 reported human fatalities in Canada due to dog attacks. A total of 55 dogs were involved in these attacks, and only one of these dogs, an American Staffordshire terrier, would be banned under the proposed legislation.[/quote]

    I hope you`re one of the people who don`t bother getting off the couch to vote.

  4. Anonymous3:11 PM

    [quote]If you hate BSL so much, what are your solutions to the problem? [/quote]


    But you`re not really looking for an answer to your question.
    You`re just an idiot looking to bother the blog owner.

  5. I have evaluated hundreds of dogs for temperament and there were only three dogs I was not able to assess - a beagle cross, a German shepherd and a golden retriever. Pit bulls make on of the best family dogs, and in fact where once considered that in the USA. Any prohibitive law drives the issue underground. The complacent citizen gets rid of her dog, the thug keeps his, and when caught replaces and mistreats the next one - trains a dog to aggress.

    Anonymous, your comment indicates that you are an insecure prey animal, driven by a paranoid fear of teeth, not knowing or caring about the facts. You simply parrot the media and society's opinion about pit bulls. Obviously the Supreme Court judges do the same. It's so easy to follow of the crowd.

    There is one issue I was wondering about and maybe someone has the answer. Is the BSL law also enforced on native reserves? As I understand, in Alberta such a law would have no jurisdiction on native territory. If that is the same in Ontario, the province would still have pit bulls, bred and owned.

  6. What a waste of money6:14 PM

    Canadians (and anyone else in the World) who read this blog... it`s time to tell the Premier of Ontario to repeal this law.

    Pass that contact page around and if you have a blog,post it.
    This impacts you.
    There are no outsiders.

    Make sure you let him know you know the truth.
    Include the links already posted here.

    All that money could have been used to educate the Public so they would demand this law be repealed.
    It wasn`t the people who attend dog shows who needed to be educated.
    It`s the people who DON`T attend dog shows who need to be educated.
    They think babies are being snatched out of strollers in Ontario.
    The majority can`t even name the 3 banned Breeds.

    I wonder if Clayton Ruby would like to donate his fee back to a group that would like to EDUCATE rather than litigate.

    Oh yeah send McGuinty this also.

    It`s your money Canadians.
    demand a Repeal!

  7. This is so sad. So many people don't know the facts and just follow blindly to what the media tells them. I just don't understand that our justice system went along with it. There is absolutely zero evidence to back up their reasoning.

    What's worse, is BSL wastes tax payers money. Even if you don't own a dog you should be against it because your hard earned money is going towards it.

    "A new study commissioned by Best Friends shows the high economic cost of breed bans, without the corresponding public safety benefit. The study demonstrates that breed discriminatory legislation tends to exhaust limited resources in already under-funded animal control programs by flooding the system with potentially “unadoptable” dogs due to the ban."

  8. What a waste of money6:23 PM

    Ontario would be afraid to try and enforce this on Native Reserves.
    They`d riot which is exactly what the rest of Ontario should do.

    Have you seen what Ontario is tagging as 'pit bulls' Silvia?

    There`s so few actual 'Pit Bulls' in Ontario, they`re having to tag Shepherd?? mixes as 'pit bulls' now in order to justify the expense and the law.

  9. Can we get a refund?6:37 PM

    Oh yippee THE Ontario Blog FINALLY posted that the SCC refused to hear the case.

  10. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Check this out, dog kissers: Of the 88 fatal dog attacks recorded by, pit bull type dogs were responsible for 59% (52). This is equivalent to a pit bull killing a U.S. citizen every 21 days during this 3-year period.

    Now how many Labradoodles killed people in the same time?

    I bet this post wont make it on to your site as you dog kissers cannot handle the truth

  11. Anonymous5:05 PM

    thanks for posting, webmaster.

    My goal here is not to antagonize y'all but to make you aware of the safety and health issues surrounding off leash dogs in public areas.

    I recommend you check out the site i posted above and watch the videos of pitbull attacks - truly horrifying stuff. Again, I doubt your Lab or daschund or corgi could cause this damage. My corgi never could - as far as i can tell.

  12. I wrote a post in reply to your comments about the study with my thoughts about the study - it's at - I know it probably won't change your mind, but I thought I'd write it anyway.

  13. Math Teacher1:49 AM

    Attention Anon 4.12

    Arithmetic 101

    a/b X 100 =%

    We`ll go with U.S figures

    We`ll go with a high avg of 30(a) fatalities by ALL dogs.

    There are ~75 million dogs(b) in the U.S.

    30/75 million x 100 = 0.00004

    99.99996% of ALL dogs don`t kill

    Relax but be careful getting out of the tub or if you`re a kid(Watch out for your Parent/caretaker!)

    And anon

    pit type dog isn`t a Breed and even IF it was a Breed
    the CDC has stopped tracking by Breed because it tells you NOTHING about circumstances.

    And as Jim Crosby has stated...
    [quote]....Purebred dogs are by no means the norm in these cases.....More sinister is the use of breed statistics to establish “proof” that just isn’t there. Sure, a dog that kills someone may be a Left-Handed Chilean Truffle Hound, but how much does that have to do with the attack? Usually not much... [/quote]

    God help us if these dogsbite groupies are teaching children or operating on people or holding Political Office.

  14. Anonymous10:49 PM

    All I can say about this is I can`t believe the nastiness of some of the people in this fight and I don`t mean Gov`t people.
    They seem to be fighting with each other and attacking each other.
    Call me emotional but I`d rather spend the day with my dogs(like you did with those adorable photos)than with some of the people in this dog fight.
    I think this has become more about being top dog for some people rather than saving the dogs.

    That`s just 1 person`s opinion.
    I could be wrong.
    I`m not a "right fighter"

  15. "Skank"7:50 PM

    Who knew there were only a "handful" of people really in this fight?
    I guess the rest of us just don`t have the IQ to comprehend the issues.

    I guess it`s been confirmed.
    The "Can we have a dollar please"? Campaign is officially over.

    I bet the rest of us have really high EQ`s though.

  16. Skank, I don't really understand what you mean - where are you getting the "Who knew there were only a "handful" of people really in this fight?" - I said in my post - "Unbelievable - all the money, blood, sweat and tears put in by owners of bully dogs - and owners of every other type of dog all across this country here in Canada - and across the world" - that sounds pretty inclusive to me, and in the comments I don't see anywhere that someone said it was only a couple people doing the work. Maybe I missed something somewhere though.

    But I think Clayton Ruby could stand to give us a couple bucks back though - I gave him about $160-$170 my own self. Buttercup could use a new pair of shoes.


  17. "Skank"8:31 PM

    Visit around
    I feel safe here.
    I was afraid to post elsewhere if you get my drift.
    I`ll admit that I`m a coward AND emotional BUT I`m a happy camper.

  18. Oh my dog, Skank - I just found it. I have written about her on my blog before. I can't stand her. I think she should take her brussels griffon and her paintings and just go away. She is such an angry person, she blows me away. And she has so much respect in the internet blog community I just do not get it. You could light a fire with her bullshit it's so hot. I can understand why you'd feel threatened and shut out by her - she's a complete twat though, I've met her - but she feels the same way about me too, so the feeling is mutual - and we're probably both right.

  19. "Skank"1:03 PM

    You must have a higher EQ
    That`s what makes for a more well rounded person.It`s one thing to be opinionated,it`s another thing to be rude and think you`re right all the time.
    I`d rather people say I was dumb,wrong most of the time but polite and considerate when they are giving my eulogy rather than saying I was opinionated,rude and right all of the time.
    No one is ever right all of the time.

    You DO catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.
    Someone hasn`t learned that yet.

  20. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Can you believe this?


    Am I missing something here?

    I wonder if Free Ginger Groups will spring up around the World.
    I guess she`s been freed since yesterday waiting for judgment.

  21. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Just a small tweak on your headline.(If you don`t mind-same result)
    It`s Canada`s Supreme Court that dismissed(with costs)

  22. What does that mean - does that mean that Catherine Cochrane (meaning us in the dog community) has to pay the costs of the crown? Or that the crown has to pay the costs of Catherine Cochrane (meaning we in the dog community have to pay the costs - and if so how much will they be)?

  23. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Costs were awarded TO the Crown.

    [quote]does that mean that Catherine Cochrane (meaning us in the dog community) has to pay the costs of the crown? [/quote]