Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Me and Bobby are going to be obedient

Tonight I went to my first class that Bobby and I are going to be taken at "Fur my Friends" - run by Amy Slaunwhite - she's one of the best dog trainers in the HRM, and I'm very happy to say - also a friend of mine.

Tonight was a "human only" class where she talked about what we're going to learn, and why it's so great that we're taking classes, and all the great things that we're going to be able to do and benefit from spending this time with our canine life companions.

It was also a great chance for her to give us these great free goodies too - free treats, a clicker, and a thick bunch of handouts that Amy has written herself!

Next week is going to be VERY interesting because not only will Bobby be coming with me, but my (80 year old) Dad has also agreed to come - and he's going to be bringing Jack with him! Now that's going to be neat to see Jack go to an obedience class and be taught by an 80 year old man - 2 crotchety old men learning clicker training! haha!


  1. I know with my next puppy, or dog, I will attend Amy's class - hers and Aimee LaVatte's. Almost feels like I need a new dog just to attend group classes with these two awesome trainers. Better yet, maybe a couple of dogs so that hubby Mike can join the fun, like your dad does.
    Just kidding - no new pooches for us for some time but it sure is tempting.

    Much fun, Joan and Bobby - and Joan's dad with Jack.

  2. Joan,

    I just finished going to Amy's classes with my sister, Ann and her mini long haird daschund, Mimsy! I was just there for moral support..for both.

    We had a great time, we all learned a lot and Mims had a very positive learning experience interacting with other dogs etc.

    Amy is a superduper trainer. She is so positive and it is contagious to both the people and the dogs!

    I am so glad you and bobby, Dad and Jack are going to Amy's classes!

    Keep us updated please!

    HeatherM and Nells

  3. Janet Chernin7:01 PM

    I think is great that you are doing this for Bobby and Jack and that your Dad is doing it too -

    Amy is great and you will have fun - at least I am sure you will finish the class and not be a drop out like me ... sigh