Sunday, April 19, 2009

Crunch Time for the Canine Casbah

This is an email sent from Janet Chernin, owner of the Canine Casbah - I've talked about her endeavours here before - the links are at the end of the post -

For those of you that can attend the (final) Public Hearing concerning my business, the Canine Casbah on Tuesday, April 21st at City Hall – 6pm. I would like to thank you and request that if at all possible you speak to Council and the Mayor as to why you feel in home dog day care / boarding is a needed service that should be allowed as an in home occupation on the Peninsula.

For those of you that cannot attend (yet another) Public Hearing – I say thank you for your continued support over the years and request that you write a short missive to Council expressing your views at – My case number is 01095.

I am sure most here are aware that it is crunch time - only almost 4 years to get here and countless hours of worry and stress let alone 20 grand spent even though I have a letter from Mayor Peter Kelly thanking me for being a small business in HRM!
Why do we need YET another Public Hearing? Why does Regional Council have to 'sign off' on this when the Peninsula Community Councilors are all in favor for this to be under developement agreement for the Canine Casbah? Why should folk who want a small in home day care/ boarding situation for their companion animals have to travel off the Peninsula to access this type of service?

Why do the city planners and legal dept. keep harping about NOISE - when in 13 years of operation I have never been cited for noise under either noise bylaw of HRM?
I really need your help and the dogs need your help too.

If they deny my business then I will be on WELFARE - how many jobs do you think I could get at 54 years of age and during this recession?!

Please come out and demand your right to choose the type of care you want for your dog(s).

Yours in dogs,
Janet and the Canine Casbah Crew: Ursa, Pickle, Sassy & Maximo and all my customers who are to me a part of my life!

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  1. Janet Chernin7:00 PM

    This is the supplemental report that HRM just put on the website - one day before the Public Hearing ...

    Still need faces and support to show HRM that this is needed.