Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A couple very cute dogs needing homes

There's a couple dogs - one in Antigonish and one in Bridgewater that I wanted to mention who need homes - they are very cute, and one is almost a mirror image of my dog Jack - so I had to post him here because when my friend Janet who runs the website NS Homeless Pets posted him to her site - she also thought he looked just like Jack - and who wouldn't want an almost perfect nearly blind shih-tzu with an underbite from heaven?

So first up is Marty - he came from Port Hawksbury - but luckily for him he's now in Antigonish with the ladies of the SPCA there, he's been neutered, needled, and he's ready to go to a home.
He's deceptively small - currently only around 20 pounds, and just under 2 years old. He's very cuddly and good with other dogs - if you'd like the perfect little beige dog - you should email the Antigonish SPCA at

And then there's the Jack look-a-like - Caper. Here is what the SHAID shelter has said about him - This sweet little guy is Caper. Caper has had a very rough life and because of this is now blind in one eye. This certainly does not prevent him from being a wonderful and very loving little pet.
He is a sweet little boy who you can do anything with. He was bathed and groomed without any problems. Caper needs a bit of reminding with his house training but seems to be catching on very quickly. He like cats and other dogs. He really just needs someone to love him for the rest of his life. Caper will need a bit of extra care. He will need drops in his good eye for the rest of his life and to have his little face washed every morning......just to make sure those little eyes stay clean. But certainly that is not to much to ask.
Caper is only around 7 years old and has many years of love left to give to some lucky person.......Please won't you find a place for little caper and show him that people do care about sweet little dogs. .

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