Saturday, February 21, 2009

Walter the singing boston terrier

Tonight I had the great pleasure of meeting Walter the singing boston terrier and his Mom Mary Ellen.
Walter was adopted a few months ago through Boston Terrier Rescue, and he has found his perfect forever home with his Mom - that's for sure. He is deeply in love with his Mom - and she is deeply in love with him.
It is so great when you see that happen in rescue - when a dog who has special needs finds the perfect home for him. Walter is so lucky - and so is his Mom. And the audience at the local Unitarian church tonight got to watch Walter be his perfect little self tonight.
It's just too bad that didn't include any of his singing - but certainly it got the audience all working together to try to make him feel more comfortable - which was great!
And who couldn't love this beautiful face? Below is some video of the great Walter - for one moment he almost sang - maybe for his next public performance he'll amost sing to for 2 moments - that will be something super to see! I can't wait!

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