Sunday, February 15, 2009

Today's GPAC Pet Expo

What a day - I'd say that today's GPAC Pet Expo at the Halifax Forum was a pretty big success - there were a ton of vendors and a few tons of people and their dogs who came to see the vendors. It was a big day and I am exhausted. It was also the first dog event that I've gone to that I didn't take one of my dogs along with me - so that was interesting - not to have a dog with me to interact with the other dogs there - and I totally missed that, and noticed it all day long. There were a lot of dogs at the event, which was great - there are a lot of dog owners interested in providing their dogs with socialization exrpiences, which is fabulous.
This is the table which was next to us - the NS SPCA table, and they had the best centre piece - a little dog who had a successful adoption yesterday - the best little balanced and well behaved dog. He was such a sweet little guy and loved everyone - humans and dogs. I think he had a lot of fun, and showed the public that the SPCA gets small nice dogs as well as the big dogs too.
This is Duke - who you see just below as a puppy - when he was a puppy he was bought from a Pet's Unlimited locally and he almost died because he came with some kibble and a receipt, and he also came with parvo. But his parents loved him enough to spend egregious amounts of money after realizing that a pet store isn't the place to buy a puppy - and even though he had a horrible start to his life, a few years later - things have turned out okay. Duke was one of the reasons that Advocates for Responsible Pet Ownership was originally formed - he was one of our "poster puppies" when we were demonstrating outside of Pet's Unlimited - so it was wonderful to see him today at the Pet Expo and take a photo of him with our banner now that we've reconvened our organization.

This is Riley - a rescued greyhound - his Mom Paula says he does lots of great tricks and this is one of his best - holding a treat on his nose for as long as his Mom tells him too! Yea!
This is Hutch - his Mom Leah is a groomer at Tailwagrrrs - she used to be a regular at Seaview park when me and the dogs went there every day when the dogs were younger - Hutch came from the Lillian Albion Shelter in Amherst and he was about 1/2 the weight he is now. He's well loved now!I was SO lucky! I won the raffle prize from the Tiny Paws Rescue Canada booth!! I got some dog treats, a mug, some stuffed toys and a basket - I'm the luckiest girl in the world - and also because I got to spend some time this weekend with a very nice lady - Charlotte Estabrooks who came all the way from PEI to man the booth yesterday at the Kennel club show and today at the pet expo - talk about dedication!
This may be the first child ever on my blog - this is the very pretty Lauren - the daughter of one of my best friends Debbie - they were at the Pet Expo today because they love dogs - and Lauren had just had her face painted, so she was looking exceptionally beautiful.

I have a slideshow at the end of this post - and I was able to get a couple photos of this little guy smelling this husky's bum - the husky's name is Polaris, but I didn't get the little guy's name - but he was basically digging tunnels he was trying to go so deep!
This is Sage and Guiness - regular reader Janice came down all the way from King's County to see the Pet Expo today and I was SO happy to be able to meet these guys finally - I was sorry that I didn't bring Buttercup when I met Janice - it would've been nice for her to meet Buttercup. I`m sure there`ll be other times though. I wonder how Buttercup would`ve reacted to dogs that look this big. Dogs that are big enough that even when she`s in my arms they are at her face level - that would`ve been interesting!
This is Toby - the most perfect little dog in all the world - I`ve written about Toby several times on this blog - he is just so beautiful. He is everything that a little dog should be. He loves to run at Point Pleasant Park, loves to be held, loves life, and looks beautiful. He`s perfect.

I hope everyone else had as good a time as I did - we gave out a ton of educational materials about what we believe is responsible pet ownership, I saw a lot of people I know, met new people - dog events are always a lot of fun. I can`t wait for the next thing to come up. Dog friendly Halifax is alive and well - at least for the dog owners. The bureaucrats at City Hall might think differently - but the dog owners are wanting to get out and have some fun with their dogs and other dog owners - that was glaringly apparent today.


  1. Joan, I had a blast at the expo! It would so great to meet so many doggies! I was thrilled to see DUKE! What a sweetheart he is and how well he looks! To think what that poor dog was put through!

    I was pleased we handed out so much ARPO info and so many people were interested in coming up and talking to us! We didnt have any free stuff except papers with info so obviously people wanted more info on being responsible owners and that just thrilled me!

    It was a nice happy time for dog people and thier dogs to get together. Lots of great booths and plenty of dog friendly Halifax stuff going on!

    Congrats on winning the basket - I thought that was great!! You deserve treats for all you do!

    ps love the small dog sniffing butt picture!!

  2. Just a little update on Roman (the little dog) he went to his forever home today!!!