Friday, January 9, 2009

Some Irish Wolfhound Eye Candy

I thought I'd go all out and post every photo that Janice has sent me of her irish wolf hounds over the last few months -

I mean - how could you choose which of these photos to put up?
They're all pure gold
Janice lives up in King'w County with her 2 irish wolf hounds Guiness and Saige
Guiness broke one of his legs back in September - so they've been having to take it easy since then I guess
I don't know what "taking it easy" is for irish wolf hounds - because I think they are pretty laid back to begin with!
These guys look to be particularly beautiful examples of their breed


  1. Anonymous1:20 PM

    lol--that was funny checking in and there i am with my crew!

    It is a funny story how i ended up with wolfhounds--i first tried for Brindi, on one of the rescue sites--i had just moved from windsor to middleton and changed vets for my cat. i accidently gave the old vets name (she wanted to check vet records) and they told her the cat wasn't up to date. when i tried to explain that i had moved she said the whole thing seemed suspicious and didn't feel the right vibe from me. i was dumbfounded and hurt. it was my first experience for a dog, i had waited 34 years until i was in the right situation to dedicate my life to a dog. can you believe all this? this is why i am so interested in Brindi's case now.

    Guinness's leg is healing well--i think he is quite a success story. Saige weighed in at 177 pounds yesterday, which astounded me--heavy for a female. thanks for posting Joan, they are simply glorious animals. janice

  2. What great pictures!! Thanks for these!
    I learned Janice and I have more in common than wanting Brindi. Being (ahem) a bit older, I waited even longer to be in the right situation to dedicate my life to a dog. I finally had a house, such as it is, and space around it, and time. Before Brindi, I had rescued my ex's dog from terrible neglect and multiple health problems. He was nearly 15 when he died two years ago; I had him for about a year and a half. As I told Janice, people often mistook Howard for an Irish wolfhound. Odd connection somehow to her big gorgeous dogs. My Howard was just as laid back as they look, may he rest in peace.

  3. You and your crew are famous now Janice!!
    Great pictures :)
    We still have to get Chloe & the crew - and your pooches together for some playtime!
    Those wolfhounds live the life!

  4. Janice! You and your pooches are famous! :)
    They look fantastic, they definitly have a wonderful life!
    We still have to get Chloe, Pickles, and Rinaldo together with your donkeys ;)


  5. Anonymous12:09 PM

    It would be great to have a whole herd of Irish wolfhounds walking in the st Patricks day parade in Halifax!
    March 12th 2011