Monday, January 5, 2009

More info on the Benoit charges

This article tonight from the Digby Courier -

Three weeks before receiving the verdict on their 2007 animal cruelty charges, puppy brokers Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey are facing new charges of animal cruelty.
The Digby County puppy brokers were served today, Jan. 5, with charges relating to their sale in August 2008 of puppies that died from the fatal parvo virus within hours or days of being purchased by their new owner.

Although the SPCA received calls from additional individuals who had purchased gravely ill puppies from Gail Benoit, the current charges relate to four puppies that had autopsies performed on behalf of the Nova Scotia SPCA.

Sean Kelly said the SPCA’s investigations unit has been building the case over the past several months and CTV news footage, in which Bailey talks about puppies dying on their property while in their care, was seized as evidence.

Kelly said the SPCA continue to investigate additional reports of sick puppies sold by Benoit and Bailey.

So that is interesting - they're being charged for the 4 puppies that they did the autopsies on - the original dead puppies right at the beginning of the 27 puppy fiasco that started back on July 23, 2008 with Esther Smith - you can see the CTV news coverage on You Tube at "Gail Benoit sells more sick puppies", and then "Gail Benoit sells 6 more puppies that die" - I'd say the footage that the SPCA seized from CTV was the video that's on You Tube titled "Gail Benoit speaks" - it's here that they talked about burying dead dogs on their property because they had so many dogs "die on them" - they say in this video that 12 of the 27 puppies they got from Chapman Kennels died on them - so "they're as much victims as the people they sold the dead puppies to".

Interesting, eh? Yuck.

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  1. Anonymous11:38 PM

    WHY hasn't the SPCA SEIZED any of Benoit's dogs??? Isn't that what is supposed to happen - pending charges, pending court appearances?
    That is how others are treated.
    How has Benoit been able to avoid having her dogs taken away?