Monday, January 19, 2009

Brindi faces new charges

Brindi faces new charges from HRM's Animal Control -

1. Owning a dog that runs at large
2. Owning a dog that attacked another dog
3. Owning a dog that failed to comply with a muzzle order

Has to appear before a judge on February 5th in Dartmouth

I think this is excellent news for Brindi and Francesca - this is the day in court that she should have gotten 6 months ago. This is the day in court that all the people have gotten on the bylaw infraction sheet that Francesca has posted at her post "See this chart to compare Brindi's chart to others"

Maybe this is Animal Control Services finally doing the right thing - giving Francesca her day in court - this is the best case scenario - now she will go to court on February 5th - plead guilty to owning a dog that runs at large - have the other 2 charges withdrawn, pay a fine of $222 - and take Brindi home later that day.

If that's the case - then Brindi wouldn't even be considered a dangerous dog after that point - because she hasn't been found guilty of having a dog that attacked another dog.

Tonight's news piece -


  1. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Holy crap.
    Are they for real?
    They`ve got it in for this woman.

  2. I don't think anyone is surprised by this. Fine. She got a summons and will appear in court like the other dog owners did in the reports which Francesca published on her blog. She'll plead and pay her fine if she's convicted. That's the law.

    They're doing this because they got their butts whipped in court. Why did they not charge her 6 months ago? This really makes them look bad and abusive of their power.

    Meanwhile, they have no authority to continue to hold Brindi. The only law that allowed this has been deemed unfair. HRM has to come up with a new by-law, but they can't make it retro-active. There are plenty of "dangerous" dogs around there which have been ordered to be muzzled or whatever,so Mayor Kelly's statements are ridiculous. They should have thought about all of this when they wrote the by-law.

    That is what responsible legislators do. They don't have police sargents write the laws only to be repealed later. You guys have more repealed laws just on animals in the last 3 years than I've ever heard of.While I don't care much for Los Angeles Animal Services, our Municipal Code regarding animals is fair and handles all situations.

    As this is no formal order yet from Beveridge, he should have no problem signing an order to release the dog. But, I'm constantly surprised by your strange system of justice. How,in 2009, can a area the size of NS be still trying to figure out it's dog control laws. We got ours in order in 1987. Get a clue,HRM.

  3. You seem to like to interject some negativity into everyone of your commments Jeff, I'm beginning to think that you're a bit of an asshole.


  4. Anonymous8:19 PM

    I don't know if they have it in for Francesca. But this is certainly what should have happened back in July, as opposed to Brindi being seized and ordered euthanized. No one can deny that Brindi ran at large, three times. No one can deny that she has attacked other dogs. No one can deny that the muzzle order wasn't followed. I don't get why this course of action wasn't taken before.

    The problem is, I can see it from the city's point of view. This is a dog who has been at large repeatedly. This is a dog who has attacked other dogs, repeatedly. Despite everything Francesca has poured into trying to save Brindi, we still see her refusing to acknowledge her responsibility in this. Since it's happening on such a public place as a blog on the internet, I can only assume the officials are aware of it.

    I want to support Francesca and Brindi, I really do. But it's hard to do when we don't have the whole story, and the parts we do have have been changing. Originally, I thought the incident that caused Brindi to be seized was her bolting out the door before Francesca could finish leashing/muzzling her, and she was found circling a man with two dogs, who was kicking at her to keep her away. Now it's that she bit a service dog. Can anyone shed some light on this one for me?

  5. Anonymous8:20 PM

    good good, pay the fines and lets get on with it hrm

  6. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Well, *takes a deep breath* i'm sickened, saddened and a little upset over the entire thing.

    Fran put up a good , solid, stable fight and she won - yet more shit keeps falling....I hope to see it end once and for all!

  7. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Francesca HAS admitted her mistakes and faults, and she has taken nuerous measures to ensure that should Brindi be returned home, she'll make sure Brindi doesn't get out. Also, I HATE the medias over use of the word "attacked". Brindi did not ferociously maul and disfigure another dog. She got into a scrap with a dog walking by her house, and used too much force. The dog had broken skin on it's ear and didn't need stitches or surgery. So, Brindi acted like a dog! I've seen numerous scraps at dog parks here in Calgary, and my dogs have even had puncture wounds from it, but you know what? WE MOVED ON! HRM can't seem to do that!!

    I'm just so appalled by this case and the fear mongering surrounding Brindi. The HRM is making Brindi out to be a dangerous dog when in fact, there's nothing she's done that indicates that as the truth. Francesca has agreed to have a trainer work with her and Brindi, she has a fence to prevent Brindi from getting out even if she does get out of the house, and she has already proven beyond a reasonable doubt how much she loves and cares for her dog! How many dog owners would go to this length to bring their dog home? Not many, I assure you.

    Francesca, I believe in you and your fight, and I am outraged by all of this. Please keep me informed of how I can help.

    Much love,

  8. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Brindi has ATTACKED several dogs in our community and I applaud the HRM for taking this stand. Half of you have no idea what this dog is like. My neighbours and I have witnessed this dog ATTACK WITHOUT WARNING at least 4 times and all this idiot does is make excuses for her dog. The last attack was on a mild mannerd GUIDE DOG. The person with the dog had to constantly kick Brindi in an attempt to stop the attack. It took him and another man to stop it, and it was IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. If you want the real facts come out and listen to the FACTS in court. By the way for all you people who have chosen to give money to this moron I will give you some more facts. Her home is a Heritage property and the government has given her a $10,000.00 grant for the repairs, which has yet to be done. Where was this money spent? She does not have a mortgage, and is an american citizen living off your donations. I wish I could make up a sob story and have people give me money so I don't have to work! So everyone these are just some of the facts, go ahead and check them out. As for all you so called animal activists, what about our dogs that have been innocently attacked by this vicious dog....don't any of you care about our dogs. we have put up with this far too long, we have paid our vet bills and nurtured our dogs back to health, while poor poor Francesca "made some mistakes" Bullshit!! So Joan, I appreciate your forum and your candor, but after verifying the facts, please tell me... would you want Francesca and Brindi living next to you or near where you walk your dogs.. I think not! as for the rest of you who do not even live in NS. Go to hell. On a positive note, no dogs have been injured since this dog was taken away, so a BIG THANK YOU TO ANIMAL SERVICES.

    Just the facts
    An outraged East Chezzetcook resident

  9. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Anonymous at 8:19 poses some great questions related to this case, that no one seems to have an answer.

    Let's not make Francesca out to be a Martyr...

    Joan on another note, although I don't always share your views (but respect your arguments), I do agree with you on one thing: Jeff dela Rosa, U R an A-Hole...'get a clue HRM'? living in LA makes u gods gift to the world, get a life! NS is a much more civilized place than California!

  10. Anonymous12:16 AM

    outraged East Chezzetcook resident, I wish you would have stepped forward sooner and gone to the media, along with your neighbours, with your side of the story. All along, all we've heard is what Francesca has had to say, which is what many of us have been basing our opinion sof this case on. More details from your side, please?

  11. Anonymous1:58 AM

    To ANONYMOUS- outraged in East Chezzetcook ...
    I have a nasty,hateful neighbour just like you!!
    He calls the by-law on everyone in our park. He was always proved wrong,but still keeps it up.Some neighbours don't know how to be a neighbour.They only know jealously,envy & hatred,which seems to fit you to a T. I'm glad the province gave her a grant to fix the house up. I too applied for a grant to put new windows in my home.If you didn't have your nose in other peoples' affairs you would have known this.Thry it you may get a Gov. grant too!
    FYI...I have realatives that live in East Chezzetcook and they have no knowledge of this dog being agresssive & they do know her.So maybe you better get your little clan of haters and move, so your poor doggies won't get eaten by big bad Brindi.I feel sorry for you and your sad lonely life and You should be ashamed of yourself for mean-mouthing Francesca & Brindi.
    your comments are both hurtful and childish. is funny... it always comes back to kick you in the a--.

  12. Anonymous8:21 AM

    time to move past this case everyone

  13. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Outraged Resident,
    What difference does it make about being an American or having a grant? What good is name calling?You sound like a very narrow minded person, which leads one to wonder if you are credible.
    Please give us detals and evidence of all of these "attacks".
    If I were a single woman living in your neighbourhood with people like you in it, I would have many dogs...

  14. I agree with you, anonymous - anything at this point is mental masturbation - Francesca has the charges that she should have been given 6 months ago. She's been given the due process that she was asking for. Now let's just wait until February 6th - and then we'll see what happens then.


  15. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Also, I don't suppose it has been mentioned -that when brindi ran away from francesca(with the leash in her hand) and lunged at the other dog, That the owner of the other dog started kicking Brindi!!! then another man came along and did the same. This would make any living creature defend itself.
    Anyone with any training or knowledge of animals knows you do not try to seperate them( especially by kicking or hitting them).
    Maybe the outcome would have been less than a few cuts to it's ear.
    Brindi was acting with her instincs,she wanted to protect her property.But when someone kicked her that brought out self-defence reaction!Remember she was abused for years & left at the shelter(who also abused the animals) for 2 years with puppies.So she is defensive from the get go.
    People just don't understand animal behaviors!
    I've been bitten by dogs that "don't bite" and they were little dogs.That's why I have preference to large dogs.They don't bite near as much as the little ankle bitters.
    Does anyone know the rule of thumb-when a approching a dog or a dog snarling or growling at you?
    Well it stop,don't move!!!
    This is what they SPCA are teaching to our kids in various schools.
    So to the man who kicked Brindi in the first place-You shouldn't have done anything.Also I'm curious if you LOVE your dog or just see him as a aide?Hearing aid dog(not seeing eye dog)
    For, if you had a love for animals you would have never kicked any dog at all under any circumstances!!
    My daughter was approached by a dog barking etc. that went for her ankle and I yelled for her to stand still. She did & the dog stopped and left.No harm done.
    If you kicked me, I would have bit you too.

    The media has only a portion of the story right.Brindi should never have the muzzle order to begin with.She didn't hurt anyone prior to this dog.There was an inncident -which another dog came up to her and they scuffled but the lady who owned the dog,did not press charges, there was no damage done at all.
    So all the people who make a judgement on what is aired on the news-think again.It's not the real story or the whole story.

  16. Anonymous2:11 PM

    You know I don`t get what this owner and this Brindi Facebook group are trying to do now.
    I could see fighting to quash the euthanization order and to insist that proper charges be laid and the Owner getting her day in Court but after reading a lot of the recent comments they`re just looking foolish now and they look like they`re trying to absolve this owner of ANY responsibility for the actions of that dog.
    In my humble opinion that`s crazy and put`s this owner and that group in a very bad light.
    It`s time to just go to Court,have your say and take your punishment.
    I don`t think the dog should be killed for what it did but now you`re not looking like a very responsible owner.You`re making excuses rather than saying "I`m sorry and I`ll do better if given the chance".
    I don`t think that attitude is going to help your case.

    Stand back at look at this from the perspective of the owners of the other dogs.
    Accept responsibility and say you`re sorry(and mean it)

    Your support group is start to look a little fanatical to say the least.

  17. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Heritage Grants are not cash up front. They are matching grants. The money has to be spent first on the construction, and it only covers half of the proposed work. Then the work is inspected, documents are drawn up, and the money is issued months later. There is no way to spend it on anything else.
    It looks like Francesca could not even proceed with the work. SO I don't think it's very kind to accuse her of using that money. She is actually using the money she saved up to fix the rest of the house, like the basement, which Heritage Grants, in case you don't know, do not cover!!!