Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Banish Puppy Ads"

from Last Saturday's Chronicle Herald's Letters to the Editor -


Banish puppy ads

Sat. Jan 10 - 5:35 AM
We need the public to stop buying sick puppies from classified ads. We have all individually written Kijiji, eBay and/or Wells Fargo, which are all connected. We have asked them to stop selling live puppies on Kijiji (eBay does not sell live animals). None of us has received a response from any of them, which is why we are writing this letter.

Other classified outlets have banned the people who are up on charges for selling these poor, sick, dying pups.

If you are asked to meet in a parking lot, or to have your puppy delivered, this is a red flag. Most breeders are responsible about how they conduct their business and will welcome you into their home, let you view one or both parents, and provide proof-of-health checks and vaccination records that are not photocopied.

It is OK to ask for references, especially veterinary references – this is the responsible thing to do! Go to Google and research the breeder/broker prior to purchase. Check with the Better Business Bureau.

Please be careful and thorough. The only way these people will be put out of business is if we, the public, stop buying from them. Please, please, please stop buying these puppies.

Pat Snoyer, Bramber

Carolyn Clarkson Mitchell, Kentville

Donna Nugent, Pictou County

Wayne K. Kroft, Liverpool

Jennifer Richardson, Dartmouth

Scott Saunders, New Ross

Esther Smith, Tatmagouche

Susan Clark, Greenwood

Joy McDonald, Liverpool

Janet Patterson, Enfield


  1. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Joan:A lot of people "talk" but few people "Do".You "Do". Don't stoop to the "talkers" level.RG.

  2. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Joan: You have a lot of negative people reading your blog! They "cut down" everyone and everything, anonymously of course! I don't know who this poster is referring to, but the people that wrote this letter DO and part of DOING is writing...

  3. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Hi there. While I appreciate your dedication to animal welfare, do you really think kijiji is the cause of puppy mills? Personal responsibility and education is of more importance in my mind. I do have a litter of pups (for purebred working breed) every so often and do post on kijiji. And I will let you know I turn down more people than I accept for customers. Thats like saying since the society eats too much junk food a few people should get all junk food banned. Not going to happen and not a productive use of your energy. Better to share education, maybe even through the fast food places to those connected, and change will happen!