Saturday, December 6, 2008

Where do I start?

My stomach is churning. I just took 2 tums to try and calm it down, and I'm probably not the only one's whose tummy is upset tonight. As part of animal abusers Alice and Zonda MacIsaac pleading guilty to their one charge of animal cruelty and 20 year ban on doing rescue and submitting to inspections at any time by the NS SPCA the NS SPCA is allowing the return of 2 of animal abusers Alice MacIsaac's dogs and 1 cat.

I had that comment left on my blog today, so I went and asked whether or not it was true, and to my horror I found out that it was.

I have just sat a long time after finishing that sentence and beginning this sentence because I'm not sure what to say next, there's a million things I could say. But first off I have to say that animal abusers Alice and Zonda MacIsaac are laughing at us all right now because they got exactly what they wanted - some of the animals back. They got the Justice system and the Nova Scotia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to tell the world that those two organizations don't truly believe that animal abuser Alice MacIsaac abuses animals.

And do you know how they don't believe animal abuser Alice abuses animals? Because they are willing to return animals to her. If they thought she abused animals - they would never let her have any animals then. That is what makes sense. If she abuses animals she wouldn't be allowed to have animals - let alone GIVE HER SOME OF THE ANIMALS THAT THEY SEIZED FROM HER - BACK TO HER.

The very first email I received confirming the truth even said that they were dogs who'd been returned and basically unadoptable and would've had to be put down anyway - so she might as well have them back. So I guess it's better for them to go to an animal abuser than for them to be killed I guess.

I would also like to say at this point that I do not blame the current Board of Directors of the NS SPCA for this decision. This decision was made by more than them - and in fact the Board seems to have had no idea that this was going on at all because I got an email tonight from a Board member who read my blog posts about this and didn't know that this decision had been made at all - so this is not the current Board's fault.

This decision was made for all the wrong reasons, with no insight - and was made not for any animals interest whatsoever

The reasons I was given for making the decision to give animal abuser Alice MacIsaac 2 dogs and 1 cat back was that the prosecution didn't want to have a trial that went on for 3 weeks - tying up the cruelty inspectors in Port Hawksbury for that long, and then having to risk not even getting a conviction and letting the animal abusers, Zonda and Alice MacIsaac - walk away completely free.

For some reason - the people prosecuting case had no faith in the justice system and were too worried that they wouldn't get a conviction, and even if they did get a conviction - that it wouldn't be punitive enough - so they used letting the animal abuser, Alice MacIsaac getting 2 dogs and 1 cat back as a carrot so they would sign the guilty pleas.

And they then consoled themselves with the fact that they can go and inspect the animal abusers - Zonda and Alice MacIsaac's property's at any time.

But do you know what? The animal abusers - as I said above - Zonda and Alice MacIsaac are laughing at them, and at every responsible dog owner in Nova Scotia right now.

I got some emails tonight from people with some questions...

With some grave concerns:

Who is going to do the inspection of the animal abusers properties?

How often?


Does it include the kennel? If they stay in Cape Breton the Celtic kennel property is way out in the boon docks, still owned and several weeks ago there WAS a cat visible in a window. All the windows are covered now but a number of people have seen Alice driving toward the place off and on.

Is there a restriction on how many animals the animal abusers Zonda and Alice MacIsaac can own? There is no restriction on the numbers in their municipality as far as I know - so does that mean that Alice can get back up 40 if she chooses to?

What prevents them from owning, breeding and selling?

The inspections done by previous investigators (both still there)were a farce. ALL dwellings owned by them must be checked. They should not be able to refuse certain vets (as they did in the past)from inspecting and it seems fitting that a vet would also be on site.

This was said in an email to me tonight -

"How quick people forget that the ONLY reason the raid finally happened was because the evidence was going to the media"

I really hate to say that this was an absolutely horrible decision to make. I believe these animals have been put in harm's way - these animals are now in danger. How can you seize animals, find the person guilty of animal cruelty - and then give the animals back? What makes sense about that?

Why were they afraid to go ahead with the trial - why did they have so little faith in the court system? They were charged with 4 charges - was the evidence really so weak that they wouldn't have been convicted of anything? Did they do such a horrible job of gathering evidence that they had nothing? If these two ladies were guilty of animal cruelty - then what was the problem?

There has been a great mis-carriage of justice here - and I pray to dog that nothing ever happens like this again. I hope that the people who made the decision to give these 2 dogs and 1 cat back to the animal abusers know what a colossal mis-judgment they have made. That they made the decision for their own convenience and now those animals are going to suffer - and the animal abusers Zonda and Alice MacIsaac can go on their merry way and live their lives however they want to do it. With the full knowledge that the Nova Scotia SPCA and the Justice system have told them that they are not in fact animal abusers.

But do you know what? Every person and dog owner in Canada knows that they are cold hearted animal abusers. This we know for sure.

I am now going to go throw up, the tums don't seem to have worked.


  1. "Every person and dog owner in Canada knows that they are cold hearted animal abusers."

    Yes in fact, that is true. Even way over on the other coast in southern BC, we know that Alice and Zonda MacIsaac, are animal abusers.

    I feel, and know your anguish.

    ( and hey, Tums are horrible for your stomach, try a tsp of baking soda in 1 c. warm water )

  2. Anonymous11:10 AM

    What happens if they move out of Nova Scotia?
    Do the conditions still apply anywhere in Canada or elsewhere?

    Will this logic now spread to Fight Bust dogs that many people still call unadoptable(But the dogs abused by Vick proved that wrong).

    Are they better off going back to Dog Fighters because the alternative is death?

    Many people know there`s another alternative but that would mean putting the animals first.

    If you`ve got evidence,a carrot to get a conviction shouldn`t be necessary and if you need a about cold hard cash rather than a warm soft animal?