Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shame Shame Shame

This is some of the post I had been working on when I received some very distressing news - someone had posted a comment on a previous post -

"YES some animals will be returned.

Alice gets dogs Stewie and Missy, because the SPCA determined they couldn't be re-socialized (is that the word i'm looking for?) and recommended they be given to her."

I am not saying whether or not I've had this fact confirmed, but I am saying that I am absolutely sick to my stomach. As part of a plea bargain to get a guilty verdict on one count the Nova Scotia justice system have implicitly said that they don't believe that Alice MacIsaac abused dogs because they are willing to give her back two of her dogs.

They might say they did it because any other verdict might have left them with only a one year ban on ownership and they would have been scott free - but I say - why not let the justice system do it's work and let them be convicted on all FOUR counts and they get their 20 year ban, plus jail time, plus a big fine? And instead they get a plea bargain, a 20 year ban on rescue - and they get to keep their pets? And remember - Alice MacIsaac had FORTY pets! And so what if the NS SPCA can go in and inspect - she can get them out the night before - she did it before.

They got away with it all - and the animals have all suffered in vain - the people involved with the case - and that includes the special constables who went down and seized the animals, the staff at the Dartmouth shelter who took care of the animals, the cat cuddlers who went to the shelter in Burnside, the people who opened their homes to the animals and fostered the animals - EVERYONE - have suffered for nothing. The MacIsaacs got away with it all. And they're down in Cape Breton laughing their asses off today.

Originally I had text all around these photos - these are some of the dogs who were killed who came up from Cape Breton - I was hoping that they didn't die in vain - but I guess now they did. Shame. Shame. Shame.

Here are some of the most shameful dogs, remember him? - this is Jack before he went up to Cape Breton - he went up there with two eyes - and he came back with one. Alice MacIsaac - who's house he lived in while he was in Cape Breton - wants him back now that the court case is over - because she loved him SOOOOOO much.
I think these photos are reason enough to not allow that ever to happen - other than the fact that I absolutely and totally LEGALLY OWN HIM, and he is my property and there is no way on DOG'S green earth that I will ever let him go anywhere. He went to Cape Breton a normal looking dog and came back with matts the size of tennis balls under his neck.I am sure that you love a dog that you allow to look like these pictures, don't you? Pathetic.But at least he lived through his experience, and he is so happy now - we love him completely and unconditionally - he follows my Dad everywhere and is the best little dog in the world. I almost think he loves Jack more than he loves Buttercup - maybe the same, just in a different way

This is Zeus - remember him? He lived in a cage for THREE YEARS because of Zonda - she kept him in a cage for THREE YEARS for no good reason whatsoeverBut luckily - he survived, by the skin of his teeth

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