Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pet Abuse Data base Website

I've been looking at the Pet Abuse website - and it includes cases from Nova Scotia - there's quite a few cases, and a few cases that list people who've been convicted.

I found 4 cases there - which could give us a little idea - #1 of how few people actually get convicted of animal cruelty in this province, because - think of how many people actually do animal cruelty in this province - but of the 4 cases - there is some good conversation that can come from it.

In the last 8 years here in Nova Scotia the court system has been able to achieve a life time ban on owning animals, a 10 year ban on owning animals, and also gave another case the condition allowing SPCA inspectors to go on an abusers property to inspect pets at any time - because the abuser was allowed to keep their animals.

So it would seem that the animal abuser MacIsaac isn't the first abuser allowed to keep her animals - another case in 2000 was also allowed to keep their dogs - but this person was part of a family, so it may have been a bit different of a case.

The different cases for convicted people in Nova Scotia are here -

Incident Date: Saturday, Apr 22, 2006
Disposition: Convicted
Defendant/Suspect: Dennis Perreault


Incident Date: Friday, Apr 30, 2004

Disposition: Convicted

» Evelyn Pottie
» Fomen Gero


Incident Date: Wednesday, Apr 30, 2003


Disposition: Convicted

» Scott Riley
» Stephen Hawkins

Incident Date: Monday, Dec 25, 2000

Disposition: Convicted

Defendant/Suspect: Trevor Jefferson


Here are the listings for all the Nova Scotia cases - right now there's 33 all together

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    What is it with these retards feeling the need to do terrible things to cats? Poor things ...