Monday, December 29, 2008

Animal Advocates of BC = very bad American Dog Magazine = very good

It is so disappointing when you think a group ascribes to the same ideals as you, only to find out that hidden somewhere they have an agenda that is dirty, dark and vile.So it seems to be with the Animal Advocates Society of British Columbia - they are an animal advocate organization out there who has been fighting against the British Columbia SPCA and is actually currently being sued by them.They also appear to do a lot of stuff for puppy mills, chained dogs, horse rescue, and have a large section of their website called the "Animal Advocate Watchdog News" - a newsreader that sends out action alerts constantly.But it turns out they'd also like the extinguishment of all bull type breeds for much the same reason that PETA does - in order to save them from suffering, and so that they can't hurt any more children because they're all so dangerous to humans. What a pile of bullshit, eh? And they claim that they love animals?

This is what the president of the Animal Advocates Society Says on these 2 pages -

"Society should have banned all fighting breeds of dogs long ago. It is too late for hundreds of people, mostly little children who died slowly, having their scalps, and faces, and limbs torn off. We can think of only one death worse than that for children, and that is at the hands of a sexual predator.

Any society that does not prevent its children from being killed by dogs bred deliberately to be dangerous, is a sick society.

Defenders of these breeds of dogs accuse AAS of being anti-dog. We are anti-dangerous breeds of dogs, not of individual dogs. For the love of dogs, we don't want so many of them to live short, brutish lives, to be killed by pounds after they have destroyed, or tried to destroy, a human life. We don't want them to be chained, isolated, lonely, depressed, angry, crated, penned or muzzled. We don't want to hear
anymore stories of young males picking up their Pit bull by its chain and slamming it into a wall to make it "dangerous". We don't want to have to go photograph a poor Pit bull, chained in yard, and know that we can't rescue it because it might be highly dangerous. We don't want to be told anymore about the fights held on reserves and how the bloody bodies of the users are left to die or thrown in the river. For the love of dogs, we want this abuse to stop.

For the love of children, we want children to be safe from fatal attacks."

Judy Stone, President, AAS

Fear mongering at it's most degrading - because it's being said by people who should KNOW BETTER.

But on that same note, I received in the mail today my first issue of a new magazine that looks absolutely fabulous! It's called "The American Dog Magazine" - I saw it online a few weeks ago and subscribed immediately. It used to be 2 different magazines - the "Chicago Dog" and the "Colorado Dog" - and they've merged both those magazines into one new magazine - and it's super! The topics in this issue are amazing, and the contributors are one's we all recognize - Julia Szabo, Victoria Stilwell, there's even a short article in there by the former Tammy Grimes - presidennt of Dogs Deserve Better.

There's also several articles about dog law and being advocates for animals - and there's several very pro pit-bull articles - which is really interesting considering that the magazine is coming from Colorado - which is the state that houses the much pit-bull killing Denver.

I'm going to take my copy to Atlantic News to see if they'll consider carrying it there because I think it's a magazine a lot of people here in the HRM would really like - and everyone likes a new magazine to read!


  1. I am 100% in agreement that AAS does indeed fear monger. I have no respect for any "animal advocate" who advocates exterminating certain breeds.

    BUT, like P.E.T.A., they do bring strong attention to other animal causes/issues.

    Hmmm, you've made me think. I have a link to AAS on my blog,perhaps I will add a caveat re: pitties etc.

    American Dog Magazine...I will definitely check it out! Thanks for the heads up!


  2. Anonymous1:14 AM

    [quote]For the love of children, we want children to be safe from fatal attacks."[/quote]

    Yeah right.
    Then perhaps they should stop the fear mongering and listen to Experts.

    [quote]The pit bull debate

    "Breed-specific legislation doesn't work," said Crosby. "It's legislating things. Legislating things doesn't work, you have to change human behavior."

    Crosby's staunch opposition to singling out pit bulls has ticked off those on the other side. When he commented on the Web site to explain a pit bull's actions during a fatal attack in Deltona, the site owner, Colleen Lynn, responded by posting his picture under the headline "Professional Whitewasher."

    "When they start to attack they don't stop, there's no cutoff point for them ... due to their heritage of dog fighting and selective breeding," said Lynn, 39, a Seattle Web designer who suffered a broken right forearm when a pit bull attacked her in June 2007.

    "You can not take a dog with selective breeding and pretend it doesn't matter," said Lynn in a phone interview. "It totally matters. The damage they inflict is so catastrophic."

    Crosby maintains that the reason why pit bulls often are the attackers is because they are so popular with people who want aggressive dogs.

    "It's not the breed of the dog, it's the human behind the dog. A pit bull, a Rottweiler, a golden retriever are all about the same size, and all can inflict the same damage if provoked," he said.

    He points to owners not socializing their dogs, not teaching them how to behave around strangers, and not setting limits as major reasons for attacks. Supervision of children around dogs is a must, Crosby adds.

    "Better than three-quarters of fatal attacks are kids under 12, and most of those are kids under 6," he said. "If parents realize that it doesn't matter how sweet the dogs are, that accidents happen, and supervised their interactions, we could eliminate a lot of these."[/quote]

    [quote]..It is too late for hundreds of people,...[/quote]

    Hundreds of people???

    Hate to interrupt their rant with some facts but..

    Fatal Dog Attacks in Canada

    CDC Statement

    [quote]The CDC no longer keeps track of dog bite fatalities by breed and has posted the following statement on their website:

    "A CDC study on fatal dog bites lists the breeds involved in fatal attacks over 20 years (Breeds of dogs involved in fatal human attacks in the United States between 1979 and 1998). It does not identify specific breeds that are most likely to bite or kill, and thus is not appropriate for policy-making decisions related to the topic. Each year, 4.7 million Americans are bitten by dogs. These bites result in approximately 16 fatalities; about 0.0002 percent of the total number of people bitten. These relatively few fatalities offer the only available information about breeds involved in dog bites.

    There is currently no accurate way to identify the number of dogs of a particular breed, and consequently no measure to determine which breeds are more likely to bite or kill."[/quote]

    Every fatality is tragic but fatalities are VERY rare by ANY dog of ANY Breed.

    ~1/yr in Canada
    ~16-20 in the U.S.

    Odds of dying from....(U.S.)

    You`re more likely to be killed by a cow,a fall in your bathtub and kids are 100X more likely to be killed by their parent/caretaker.

    [quote]We can think of only one death worse than that for children, and that is at the hands of a sexual predator.[/quote]

    [quote]For the love of dogs, we don't want so many of them to live short, brutish lives, to be killed by pounds after they have destroyed, or tried to destroy, a human life.[/quote]

    So with their logic??

    We should kill the victims of pedophiles ie children.

    These yappers get so tiresome.

    Are you sure her signature shouldn`t read

    Judy Stone, President, ASS

    Speaking of Denver,

    Are you aware of this initiative?;jsessionid=14EFF04317D50CFB13A184628754E2DC?contentId=8151548&version=3&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1

    Too bad Ontario couldn`t get their act together.
    Speaking of Ontario,the silence is deafening.
    Speak up Ontario and let people know what`s going on if you want the Public to donate!

  3. Anonymous1:57 AM

    Some of those "dangerous" dogs that "ASS" wants to kill

    I notice they have Clifton`s "study" on their site.

    Try to keep up to date "ASS"

    It looks like BC has their very own dogsbite site

  4. Anonymous4:31 AM

    Apparently you've never tried to get a pit bull off another creature it was determined to end. In fact, you are the ignorant one.

  5. "Apparently you've never tried to get a pit bull off another creature it was determined to end. In fact, you are the ignorant one."

    What a ridiculous comment. No, I'd have to say I've never had to get a pit bull off another creature it was determined to end. And I've met a lot of pit bull type dogs - and a lot of them were interacting with other dogs, children and adult humans when I met them - and not one of them suddenly decided that they wanted to kill one of those alive sentient beings. I have however been bitten every day that I lived with a toy poodle who was horribly abused by his previous owner and still have the scars to prove it. I was bitten right through the palm of my hand by a shepherd mix trying to kill one of my dogs. My dog Daisy had her head split open down to her skull by a HUMAN who didn't want his dog interacting with a rottweiller.

    Obviously you are not a regular reader of my blog, because if you were you'd know that I consider pit bull type dogs the same as every other type of dog - just a lot more misunderstood. And I have been preaching that mantra for many many years.


  6. Anonymous11:41 AM

    [quote]Apparently you've never tried to get a pit bull off another creature it was determined to end. In fact, you are the ignorant one.[/quote]


    Apparently all these Breeds* below were pretty determined also.

    [quote]Do Pit Bulls Inflict Injuries Unlike Other Breeds of Dogs?

    Descriptions of the type of fatal injuries dogs have inflicted on their few unfortunate victims is a graphic topic that NCRC has been hesitant to address. Fatal dog attacks are exceedingly rare occurrences; and in light of the fact that many people already harbor a highly disproportionate fear of being killed by a dog, there seemed no useful purpose in addressing the nature and type of injuries a victim sustained during such an attack, nor do we wish to compromise the privacy of victims or sensationalize their tragedies.

    Unfortunately, selected groups and individuals are making claims about the severity and nature of Pit bull attacks versus the severity and nature of other (non-bully) breed attacks and exposing victims' identities and descriptions of victims' injuries to forward their personal theories and agenda.

    Virtually all of the claims about the "unique damage that Pit bulls inflict" are made by individuals or special interest groups with no knowledge or experience in analyzing fatal dog bite injuries. For this reason, the NCRC feels compelled to address these tactics and claims.

    For nearly two decades the NCRC has investigated and analyzed fatal dog attack injuries. The NCRC has previously stated that it is impossible to determine the breed of dog by reviewing an autopsy report or photo, as no breed of dog has a particular method of attack or inflicts an exclusive type of injury.

    Below is a list of 15 different victims of a dog attack along with the description of the fatal wounds as listed on the autopsy report. Each victim was attacked and killed by a single dog. Each victim was killed by a different breed of dog (for a total of 15 different breeds*). Only one victim was killed by a Pit bull (or any type of bully breed).

    Victim 1: Multiple penetrating wounds to the abdomen
    Victim 2: Collapsed lungs, multiple wounds to the chest, partial devourment
    Victim 3: Massive head and neck injuries
    Victim 4: Multiple bite wounds, dismemberment
    Victim 5: Extensive scalp and neck injuries
    Victim 6: Multiple lacerations of scalp and neck, depressed skull fracture
    Victim 7: Exsanguination from multiple bite wounds
    Victim 8: Skull fracture and severe bites to upper back and face
    Victim 9: Multiple penetrating wounds to back and chest
    Victim 10: Severe bite wounds to the head
    Victim 11: Severe bites, massive bleeding, broken facial & neck bones
    Victim 12: Massive head injuries
    Victim 13: Severe, multiple penetrating injuries to head and neck
    Victim 14: Massive bite injuries to lower extremities, dismemberment
    Victim 15: Severe scalp, facial wounds, laceration of jugular

    Fifteen different breeds inflicted the fatal wounds listed above. The breeds were:

    Siberian husky
    Chow chow
    Pit bull
    Sheepdog-type dog
    Labrador Retriever
    Chesapeake Bay Retriever
    St. Bernard
    German Shepherd dog
    Golden Retriever
    Mixed breed (no discernable breed visible)

    It is virtually impossible for anyone to match the breed of dog with the fatal injuries listed above - as such -claims that one breed of dog inflicts injuries unlike other breeds have no merit.

    (Fatal wounds / breed matches can be obtained upon request).

    * Breeds were chosen for this sample only if the breed has been involved in more than one human fatality (i.e., Airedale Terrier, Pomeranian, Jack Russell Terrier,, were not used as only one human fatality has been attributed to each of these breeds in the United States).
    * In the decade between 1966-1975, less than 2% of all dogs involved in fatal attacks in the United States were of the breeds which today are targeted so frequently as the solution to canine aggression, (Pit Bull or Rottweiler). [/quote]

    Don`t you think it`s time that you 'Pit Bull' "experts" quit minimizing the injuries of other dog bite victims?
    Rather cold hearted and dismissive don`t you think.
    I`m sure their pain,heartache and grief is just as real as the victims of 'Pit Bulls'

    Do some Research and you`ll be able to contribute more than insults.

  7. Anonymous12:52 PM

    [quote]Apparently you've never tried to get a pit bull off another creature it was determined to end[/quote]

    Determination is a good quality not a bad quality whether you`re a dog OR a human.

    I`m not sure why people like you insist on making that a bad quality???

    It`s that good quality that makes Pit Bulls excel at

    Search and Rescue



    Detection work.

    It`s humans that decide whether to use the determination that these dogs have for evil or good.

    Just as they themselves determine whether they want to use their good qualities for good(Put man on the moon) or evil (bring down the Twin Towers.)

    With your logic we should destroy both Stephen Hawking

    and the Mastermind(s) who dropped the Twin Towers.

    Both are determined.

    You`ll have to come up with a better reason to justify the extermination of millions of dogs.

    Sounds like you just need a bully hug...this will have to do.

    Pretty determined eh?
    The larger dog Leo was determined to survive Michael Vick and then he was determined to become a certified Therapy dog,now he`s determined to help this little girl become socialized.

    We`re determined that you`re not going to destroy these dogs.

  8. Anonymous3:53 PM

    [quote]We are anti-dangerous breeds of dogs,[/quote]

    I`m sure members of "ASS"(I like that!) can substantiate that certain Breeds are dangerous?

    I`m also sure they`re reading your blog so please post some Studies.

    Here`s just a few that say your statement is nonsense.

    Your turn

  9. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Interesting choice of pictures on the AAS site.

    I think it`s called manipulation

    The message is very clear.
    Kill these dogs to prevent them from having this type of life or before they possibly kill you.

    The Media also manipulates.
    They present the few rather than the majority.
    They never show them in family environments thus implying they`re not suitable as pets and no sane person would have them as pets.

    There`s a great organization in BC that helps Pit Bulls.
    If you really care about dogs don`t donate to AAS,you would be helping them to further promote the hysteria and myths.

    These are the faces of the dogs that some would like you to believe are "monsters".

    If you want to get dogs off chains and off guard duty help an Organization that really cares about dogs.

    Below are 3 of the Breeds normally targeted for extermination.

    PeTA and others promote this extermination as - Death is better than the life they lead.

    Don`t buy into this nonsense.

    These aren`t monsters.
    They are beloved family members

    Staffordshire Bull Terriers

    American Staffordshire Terriers


    Message to the Media & AAS

    Fewer and fewer people are voluntarily drinking the Koolaid.