Thursday, November 13, 2008

Somebody is in the WRONG Business

Someone just left this comment on my post "I feel sick"

I don't know if this person left the comment to be funny, or if they're serious - but I can't believe that someone who is currently working within our shelter system feels this way and is planning on applying for the Regional Coordinator of Animal Control Services that is presently posted for the HRM. It has left me shaken. I can't believe that it's anything other than a joke.

For one thing - Halifax doesn't HAVE a pit bull problem. When was the last time that a pit bull mauling happened in Halifax or Nova Scotia? Or any kind of dog mauling? They are as rare as people getting hit by lightning.

And certainly a dog is not a human - what kind of idiot would think that a dog is a human. A dog is a dog. A chicken is a chicken. A cow is a cow. But that doesn't mean that we can treat a human or a dog or a cow or a chicken inhumanely or torture any of those species. Just because the word inhumane has the word human in it doesn't mean that it applies to our species alone - the definition of it means "lacking compassion or kindness" - and if this person is actually speaking truthfully for themself - they are probably not only treating animals inhumanely, I'd be they're also going a few steps beyond that, and taking pleasure in it too.

I really hope this comment was left by some troll who was hoping to get a rise out of me and not by someone who is actually going to apply for the Animal Control job. We're doomed if that is actually the case - he or she will be in good company though.

Hi Joan,
I'm in "The Business" and strongly beleive 90% of shelter dogs should be put down. Nobody wants these dogs and keeping them for weeks/months is not the solution. A dog is a dog..not a human. I fully support breed banning and think all "Amstaffs" and variations of the breed should be destroyed and banned. Think of what a better world this would be without these pitbulls and their owners terrorizing the public. There is absolutely no requirement to have one of these dogs. If you want a dog, get a beagle, or some other normal breed. I find these bottom feeders with 3 or 4 dogs are a drain on society. If I had my way I would ban all these breeds and limit the amount of dogs you have to the amount of money you make. I think the money spent on cats and unwanted animals should go to paving our roads or improving the education system. I'm always amazed at what lengths some of you dog nazis are willing to lower you standard of living for a dog, which you think may love you, but take it away for a month and feed it and it will forget all about you. The answer is simple. Kill these unwanted cats and dogs. eventually things will be better and we can start cleaning up the city. I am going to apply for the newest AC job and hope to make some of these changes. Breed Banning works and it is long overdue in Nova Scotia.


  1. Anonymous6:45 PM

    It sounds like the same loser who left that nasty comment about Brindi a couple of posts ago.
    Not enough to do obviously.
    Perhaps he/she should volunteer to clean some kennels.
    It`s odd I`ve never "met" such nice people and such nasty people in the "business"
    People should be able to disagree without being nasty and this person doesn`t seem to be able to do that.
    They should be careful about supporting breed bans.
    Once the law is in place(such as in Ontario) there`s nothing to prevent them from adding other Breeds and dogs that look like them.
    If the Media decides to start attacking Beagles and only reporting beagle bites.......

    I would file that comment that was left under TWIT

  2. Now will they be running the lie detector on this person? In their case I would be prepared to make an exception about the whole human rights thing as one would have to be human to qualify !

  3. Anonymous8:21 PM

    [quote]Nobody wants these dogs [/quote]

    It`s the ONLY place I would get a dog.
    It`s the ONLY place my friends and family get dogs.
    There`s NOTHING wrong with shelter dogs.
    There`s something VERY wrong with people who dump dogs there for stupid reasons.
    There`s something VERY wrong with people who don`t race to the shelter to look for their lost dogs or who won`t pay fines to get them out.

    Dogs are in shelters through no fault of their own.

    Let me sum it up for you


    I have worked at a Humane Society and I have NEVER seem a problem dog but I have seen MANY problem owners who blame dogs for their problems.

  4. I couldn't agree more with the last comment.

    I feel also that the misguided mind who commented is signaling to us all that we MUST become involved in the selection process, if he or anyone remotely like him is applying!

    What opinions are represented oon the hiring committee? Are the applications public information?
    More importantly - what are the real criteria for selection regarding policy choices?

    To have a chance to improve HRM Animal Services, we need to know where the new RC stands on the issue - better yet,let them know where to stand. SO what's the best way to do that?

  5. Anonymous11:42 PM

    I won't type what my first thoughts were on reading that hitleresque rant, but one individual's name certainly popped into mind when wondering who would want to enforce such breedist tactics in our province.

  6. Anonymous1:23 PM

    I can't even give a decent reply to this so called human being! However I can say I am happy to know that HRM still uses polygraphs to ascertain if the candidate has all their marbles so to speak. Clearly the misguided and misinformed moron that wrote that post to you Joan is short more than a load!
    and too 'OLD MAID' - I feel the same way


  7. I'm speechless. This person is an example of the narrow-minded, misguided people who will NEVER improve our shelter system and responsible ownership, because they are spreading their hate and fear to everyone.

  8. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Maybe somebody should apply for that job, just to find out what's going on!

  9. Anonymous8:27 PM

    What the hell is a normal dog, lol? Maybe he/she will also invent dog "gaydar" to further quantify what normal is. Obviously this person has no knowledge of dogs, breeds or dog behaviour. Sad part is, I know that there are "people" like this who get these jobs and I've dealt with dog catchers and A/Cs in the past who get so hung up on their hate for the owners that they want the (innocent) dogs and cats put down.

  10. Anonymous7:04 PM

    True, there is a lot of "animosity" in Animal Control.

    (Given how animals are not really capable of irrational hatred, I think the word should be replaced by "humanosity".)