Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gail Benoit has been writing on Kijiji

Gail Benoit wrote an ad on Kijiji today - that has since disappeared unfortunately and I didn't grab it soon enough to cache it, but it's still pretty good anyway. The people keeping track of her are fabulous. It is awesome that there is a whole crew of people who are determined that she is going to kill as few puppies as possible.

I was emailed this week by a lady who was contacted by Ms. Benoit on October 2nd - this lady had advertised 5 "golden lab" puppies - her female dog had gotten out and gotten pregnant (we won't get into that) - and had 8 puppies. She had found homes for 3 of them, but was looking to find homes for the other 5. Ms. Benoit said that she was opening up a pet store called "Puppies r Us" and would buy each of the puppies for $40 each, and then talked herself down to $20 each. The lady said that if Ms. Benoit would come pick them up, she could have them for free. So I'd imagine that pretty much immediately - the Benoits came and picked up those 5 puppies.

It was only this week that she noticed on the news that the woman who picked up her "precious puppies" - was the same woman who's been selling all these dead puppies - so she is now completely incensed and worried about what happened to her dog's progeny.

How do people at this point not know who Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey are here in Nova Scotia? It boggles my mind.

I think it's very interesting that the fact that the Chapmans up in New Brunswick killed 175 of the puppies in their kennel - and no one cares that they did - did not go unnoticed by the Benoits. They noticed that life is very cheap to those puppy millers - so why should it be precious to them? And really - if the Chapmans can get away with it legally - why shouldn't they?

Anyway - here is the fabulous little ditty that Gail wrote today -

Location: Halifax
Date Listed: 11-Nov-08


this is a very HATEFUL, JEALOUS, sick not to mention vandictive world...

The spca are very dirty people.. they will harass you, come to your home with an illegal search warrent bang you around
" the charges against me were dropped by the police "... why?

watch out for A Donna Nugent, Angela Taylor, and The jelous Tammy Sloan... they are dead against anyone making money off of their animals and not to mention the BAT MAN.
"the coward that chaces people with baseball bats". aleging we broke in his house and stole his dog, which did NOT happen!, and was never proven. of all I will tell you this I DO NOT do crack, where that came from I will soon know. I had MAJOR surgery I have NEVER stole a dog in my life and GOD is my witness to that.
( I don't have to), thanks to puppies-r-us . i buy i sell and i deliver ! , people ask me to meet them half way , so there has to be some meeting place right? . I even delieverd to seniors who cant get out that much !.

I have never been convicted of anything, and the whole thing was a set up for the SPCA, and Donna admitted to setting me up in court, so the SPCA does not have to pay me my 1/2 million$ now she is going to be charged by the police.

there are tons of threatning phone calls and emails coming into my home, my children are AFRAID! (all over a worm that was in a puppy that was not even mine)

as for July's puppys that passed away, why did the Chapman kennels make away with 175 of their little dogs just after I told them that they were dying????
i to feel bad for the puppies aswell as the people that bought them from me , but the news would never put that on everything i told them, that i will give the people that bought a puppy in July their money back (except one person)pooh bear. and you know who you are you've done as much damage as Donna, Tammy, Sean, Wendy, Bridget,

these were puppies that i purchased from N.B and charges against him are pending.

for all of you that i have sold a dog to you know the facts ! ,I could have filled the streets of digby with happy customers that bought puppies from me

you can't take a handfull of dogs that belonged to someone else and deam someone else to be so cruel I have sold alot of dogs and barely had any complaints. my supliers are not puppy mill people ! they are average back yard breeders

I wonder why the protest against me had only 10 people if there's so many people that are not happy with me.

for all of you BACK YARD BREEDERS!

" WATCH OUT " , theese people are Haters! they will grab all your personal information and make a threatning group against you.

The SPCA is crooked, but we know that now. From hearing about CELTIC PETS !. if you would like to know more feel free to email me at mailto:baileyam@student.ednet.ns.ca
if anyone is interested in a puppy that is healthy feel free to contact me !
thanks for taking the time to read this :)

As well, someone was in the court room for one of the days of testimony - and wrote it up on Facebook - here is some of that write-up - (I'd give the link, but I can't find where I originally got this from unfortunately, if you know where this is on Facebook - can you send me the link?)

Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey arrived at the Digby Court House around 9:30. Dana was soon spotted hanging around the front step with a cigarette in his mouth. Gail was soon spotted accompanying him. They both chain smoked for several minutes until shortly before 10:00 am when they trial began.

"First called to the stand was SPCA special constable Nancy Noel. Benoit's lawyer questioned her right up until noon time. Cst. Noel answered each and every question asked, most related to the seizure of puppies from Benoits house on October 26th 2007. Noel explained the events of October 26th, 2007 where she attempted to serve a search warrant to Benoit, and Benoit slammed the door in her face, assulted her and continued screaming and yelling. Noel also explained that RCMP ended up placing Benoit in cuffs because she was so out of control. Noel also explained to the court that the puppies seized were full of worms, underfed, and were infected with coccidia, - However, Dana Bailey later says that the stomachs and anuses of the dogs were protruding because they were overfed.

When Cst. Noel referenced the protruding anuses of the puppies taken, Bailey laughed right in the court room. Noel also reported that they puppies were being held in cardboard boxes, chicken wire cages, and one dog run, ALL inside their very dark garage. When Benoit produced a photo of the garage it appeared bright and very light, but Bailey later stated that they had used computer software to lighten the

After lunch Bailey was called to the stand. Bailey sobbed as he recalled the events of October 26, 2007 because at that time his mother was also sick with cancer. Bailey was on his way home from the Kentville hospital when Benoit had the search warrant presented. Bailey did not find out until he got home and saw his beat in door
that he realized Benoit had been taken into custody. Bailey, 46 years old stated that he is on CPP and is disabled. He later told the courts that he has a sever haemorrhoid problem, and during a search of his property he requested the RCMP to allow him back into the house so he could continue to soak his haemorrhoids in the bathtub. He then said to the courts " I had to stick my fingers up my ass to put my
haemorrhoids back inside."

Bailey also stated that they are unable to find a vet that will deal with them and that he is loosing money because people are setting them up. Bailey went on to explain how recently he was lead to believe that a deaf couple wanting to purchase one of his puppies in wolfville. After Benoit and Bailey arrived in wolfville they found the address of the " deaf couple" and it turned out to be the RCMP so they were had. Bailey says he has wasted a lot of gas and money and he now is going
to need a deposit before selling puppies.

After Bailey left the stand, Gail Ruth Benoit 38, took the stand. She informed the court that she is disabled and also on CPP disability. She was then asked how many dogs she has sold in the past 13 years. She reported that she may have sold up to 30,000 pups in the past 13 years. This was a lot more than anyone was expecting. Benoit attempted to paint a rosy picture as she explained to the court about her
growing up in Bridgewater and always stopping into the vet's office when she was a kid. Later her voice grew stronger, louder, and her tone changed. She attempted to tell the SPCA lawyer that he didn't know what he was talking about.


  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Hi Joan!

    First off, Welcome to the Bandwagon ;-) and THANK YOU for keeping a running journal of the antics of Cruella.

    Now is this the link you were looking for?


    Don't ever stop what you're doing.......the dog community needs (and LOVES) you.

  2. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Soooo many random thoughts ...

    First to the woman who gave away her "golden labs" to the Benoits --shame on her(doesn't matter that she had never heard of them. Just for shame.)

    Second, "I had MAJOR surgery I have NEVER stole a dog in my life." WTF? Really? She's never done crack?

    Thirdly, she has bred children??!!! Scary. I wonder if Children's Services need to be called. I noticed that the e-mail she handed out was for a student.

    I could go on forever ... (and I had all these thoughts while imagining her in her skanky 'ho hat).

  3. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Looks like that link didn't all come through.

    FACEBOOK site:

    Stop Gail Benoit's Puppy Mill


    Report on Gail's Trial, by Scott Saunders

  4. Anonymous11:34 AM

    What name does this wack-job post under on kijiji?

  5. She doesn't post on the discussion forum - she posts in the ads section - in the same section that she posts her "puppies for sale" - over where you can buy and sell stuff. She probably doesn't even know there's a discussion forum on Kijiji.


  6. Anonymous2:10 PM

    also a puppy mill that i checked out myself under the phone number 765-0885 this woman sells king charles spaniels and shi-tzu's ON KIJIJI the breeding stock is kept in cages and never see the light of day. unfortunately, she is still able to operate regardless of previous investigations because they are fed and watered and the cages are cleaned 2ce a day. whatever.

  7. Anonymous11:28 AM

    I love how she only blames a handfull of ppl. whens its very clear shes ripped off 100's of ppl. Her lawsuit with Kennel in NB was tossed out of court http://blogs.carletonfreepress.ca/?p=2131

    the whole post is BS, anyone who researchs it will see. Her being in court has NOTHING to do with the kennels in NB!! SHe needs to get a grip...... using a school provided email doman after she complains her children are being harrassed... COME ON!!!

  8. Anonymous7:14 PM


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  10. Anonymous7:26 PM

    My god.. she's barely literate.

    Does anybody else find it amusing that she can't even manage to spell legal terminology? You'd think she'd be used to seeing those words by now.

    She shouldn't speak. She is digging her own grave with her hillbilly jive.

  11. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Gail Benoit needs to be careful... someday she is going to show up to deliver a puppy to the wrong person and she will end up getting seriously hurt.... If she admitted to selling 30.000 puppies... Why is she collecting disability... sounds to me that she works hard and for a lot of money... and she lives off the government as well... REALLY !!!! Lets find a good Vet and have Her put Down.....