Friday, November 7, 2008

A brief interlude

I thought I'd post a couple photos that I took this afternoon of the most beautiful dog in the world doing what she does best - looking cute and beautiful.
She's going to be getting a hair cut/hatchet job from her owner/torturer this weekend, so she's not going to looking quite so beautiful in the near future, so I should stock up on these photos now so I have something to look fondly back on.
I thought it might be good to have something to tame down my "the world is ending" previous post too.
A good session of "bite my finger while looking your cutest" is always good for lowing my blood pressure a good many points.

I took this photo a couple days ago - Buttercup has been very solicitous and has been sitting on the couch I bought last weekend at the Paws for a Cause auction - I've put a pillow in front of the couch - so with that in front her and Jackie are even sleeping on it too. I love it when the dogs actually use the shit I buy for them. Doesn't she look cute? She goes and stands on it like this when she wants to make extra sure we're going to look at her. She is the smartest dog in the world.
I took this photo, and a couple more of Charlie while Buttercup and I were having our little mouth wrestle, and I noticed Charlie has got a "goink" - some kind of lesion on his muzzle - and he would NOT let me touch it at all - so we have got a vet appointment later this afternoon to go have a look at it. Weeping pus lesions and Charlie in the same sentence scare me at this point in his life - so we are going to have it checked out.

On that note - the author of the fabulous "I luv my Dachshunds" blog from PEI - Charlotte, and her heart dog Schatzi are having some health problems. Schatzi has come down with the dreaded dachie disc problem where she has a herniated disc and she's had surgery today to attempt to have it repaired. Me and the dogs here are thinking about her.

My very first dog George unfortunately died from that disease - who would think that a long backed beagle mix could have a genetic malformity in her spine that would cause a disc to pop out and back in and cause her to be paralyzed within a couple hours? But it happened, and it was misdiagnosed for too many hours for anything to be done. It is without doubt one of the most horrible things that has ever happened to me. The good news for Charlotte that I learned from that experience is that with early diagnosis - 75% of dogs will recover. At the point my beloved George was diagnosed - she only had a 3% chance of recovery. So it is very good that Schatzi will have a full recovery and be back home super soon and in her Mom's arms soon!

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  1. I so love the pic of Buttercup in her gorgeous couch! She is so adorable, I do agree. I hope Charlie's lesion is nothing too serious. I'll be waiting for an update!

    And you are too sweet to post about Schatzi, thank you for keeping her in your thoughts. So sad George had such a tragic outcome from this horrible condition. IVDD is not exclusive to dachshunds, but they do have a higher incidence rate.

    It's hard to believe some veterinarians are not educated about the condition, it's symptoms & the extreme importance of quick diagnosis & proper medical treatment.