Friday, November 21, 2008

Awesome paragraph in a new book I'm reading

I don't know much about the new book I'm reading - it's a sort of autobiography that one of my friends bought me for $ .50 at a book store that they thought I'd like called "Girl on a Leash - The Healing Power of Dogs" by Betty Lim King - but there's a paragprah on page 2 that bodes well for the rest of the book that I had to write here because it's so good -

"Writing about pets is writing about self, but more than that it is writing about the human condition. How we treat animals says much out our communitites and ourselves. Living in three different cultures has made me conscious of how differently each culture regards and treats pets, revealing much about those who make up those societies.

Yet, despite wide differences, how remarkably alike dogs respond to humans! Dogs may be tortured, eaten, kicked around, totally neglected; or pampered and loved to death. However treated, they are steadfast in their loyalty and devotion to our species. We have snatched them away from their wolf mothers, and made them part of us; they have never left our side. It is we humans who waver. Just before dying in a research laboratory, a suffering and mutilated dog licked the hands of the technician who was causing his death. How superbly can they teach us about being humane!

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