Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halifax Harbour and the Queens of the Clicker Leash

Tonight me and Buttercup had a bit of time to kill - so I thought we'd go to Horshoe Island by the Armdale "Roundabout" and eat some grass, roll in some seaweed, and take some photos.
I let Buttercup do the first two things - and I did the third. I got some neat shots of the condo's across the way and the last of sunset - if only I would have had a tripod! My kingdom for a tripod!
Very Maxfield Parrishy, almost. It all grinded to a halt though when a family arrived. Yuck. Why would a family arrive at like 8 o'clock on a Saturday night - what are they, devil worshippers? I guess maybe they like to look at the boats or something.
Buttercup likes to bark at anything new - so the family was a new thing - and she was having a great time barking at them. Great time for her, shitty time for taking photos.
We had a fabulous time up until then though - so you really can't complain.
So then it was on to the evening's festivities - which included a dog named "Seven" - who is a beautiful border collie.
She owns the owner's of a fabulous new company called "Clicker leash" - this is her Mom Adina.
And tonight I got to take home my long awaited order of a clicker leash! I also got a hat - so I was super happy! Here is a dozy Daisy modelling the leash and hat.
And here is Daisy going - "I'm trying to sleep! At least you're not using the flash, but still!"

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