Thursday, September 4, 2008

You'll recognize a lot of people on this local website!

I discovered a local website today that has tons of photos of local people on it - it's called "Snap Halifax" - and it says it has a print edition, but for some reason I've never seen it anywhere yet - but maybe it's because I've never looked for it yet. Now I'll keep my eyes open.

The website just has pages and pages of photos of local events that people have gone to and taken pictures at - so it's pretty neat.

Every edition - and there seems to be 3 editions online currently - has a page called "Dogs in the Hood" - and the current edition's "Dogs in the hood" has a photo of our favourite Celtic Pets dog Zeus on it! He's famous everywhere I guess!

The previous edition has photos from the SPCA's Adoptathon, a Greyhound Walk at Point Pleasant Park, and the SPCA's Dog Jog

Another neat thing that was there was this thing called - "Citizens of Halifax AGM" which led me to the website Citizens for Halifax - which is a new group that's been formed - an independent, non-partisan organization created by citizens who live and work in Halifax. The Society has been established to improve civic engagement and civic leadership in our community.

It sounds like a really interesting organization and I'm going to find out more about it.

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