Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Swiss Air Flight 111 - 10 year anniversary tonight

It was 10 years ago tonight that 229 people died on Swiss Air Flight 111 off of Bayswater Beach and Peggy's Cove outside of Halifax, here in Nova Scotia - a place that I love to take the dogs.
I remember the night it happened. I remember being in bed asleep and my husband at the time came to bed saying that a plane had crashed off the coast outside Halifax and that survivors would be coming by ambulance to the hospital - so I knew it would be a busy day the next day at work - I work at the local hospital. And I remember the next day at work - everyone in the hospital had been called in to work because of the emergency - and staff were milling around the Emergency department entrance and the ambulance bays waiting for the injured to arrive - and nothing arrived. It was horrible. Horrible.
On the news tonight one of the people said something that was very nice - "God didn't plan for Swissair to happen, it wasn't his fault - but he did choose the place" - the memorial area is beautiful, everyone who was involved in any way with the tragedy was forever changed, and the ocean off Bayswater and Peggy's Cove is the most beautiful spot in the world to spend eternity. I hope everyone there is resting in peace

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