Saturday, September 27, 2008

Look who's back!

It's DOG! Who's name is now Corky - and she's cuter than ever, I've got to say.
She didn't turn out at the place she was adopted to - who knew that an elderly couple wouldn't be able to handle a 9 month old puppy that loves to run but can't be off leash because when she runs she doesn't come back, and when she's on leash she's the world's worst puller? Maybe other owners would have enlisted the help of a dog walker and a doggy day care - but these people decided that they'd just return her, because they didn't think about the fact that when you take a dog on - it's a life to death committment.... shit - there I go. Oh - and they had her for a month and they didn't honour their adoption contract and spay her either - even though their daughter in law is a VETERINARIAN. How gross is that?
But Corky - at least they gave her a good name - seems unfazed by the whole thing - and is still a complete love bucket - and is hopefully going to a new home where they have another dog who is a perfect match for her. Everybody who has been in Corky's life are keeping all their fingers and toes crossed - because this dog is such a lovely dog.
This is Corky today - she seemed hungry, a bit on edge - and shit, I wanted to take a nap - so I gave her a nice big kong full of good stuff. About 20 seconds in - she's back for some more attention - and about 1/2" at the top of the kong is gone. So I passed the kong over to Charlie - and filled up the almost empty peanut butter jar for her to work at instead. She seemed pretty happy with that. Mother of invention gets the early bird the nap.
And Charlie was pretty happy to get a big kong!!! hahahaha!
This is how Buttercup spent most of the day - looking out from the bedroom saying "how could you do this to me?" She also did it from my Dad's chair in the living room.
Jackie spent most of the day trying to direct traffic - but since he's almost blind - he was failing miserably.
This is how Corky spent some of the day and evening - watching Daisy and Charlie play - she's still too shy to join in - although they were willing to let her - she's still to scared to do it. They're pretty rough players and have many years of experience - so she should probably just keep her body clean for her new brother or sister that she's meeting tomorrow anyway.


  1. Anonymous11:39 PM

    I wondered what had happened when Corky (much better than DOG) was back on Petfinder. Not to be overly critical of the rescue involved, but why would they even let an elderly couple adopt such a young, energetic dog who had no obedience training?

    Anyway, glad he's back with you until he finds the right home.

  2. Anonymous11:40 PM

    Oops! I called poor Corky a he when she's a she!

  3. Anonymous9:53 AM

    For the life of me I can`t understand the concept of "returning" a dog.
    Why don`t these people adopt a stuffed dog?
    Keep the receipt,those are "returnable".

    The World of Animal Rescue is very screwed up.
    Rescues turn down good homes because of foolish requirements such as fenced yards but they adopt out to people with that "return" mindset.

    Maybe they need to spend a little more time just talking to people to find out their attitude towards animals.
    They can survive without a fenced yard but being "returned" is another matter.

    I would NEVER "return" an animal.
    It`s an adopt to death proposition for me BUT I`d be turned down to adopt certain dogs due to the requirements of certain Rescues.

    Time to re-evaluate what animals REALLY need.
    Fence or lifetime commitment?

    Hope Corky finds the right mindset this time.

  4. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Sorry Folks you can't have it both ways!You can't critize a shelter for not adopting an animal because you don't have a fenced yard and at the sametime critize them for taking a chance on an older couple.What you should demand is that this return does not move the animal one step closer to execution. R G

  5. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Due to situations like this, ARC will no longer be taking any SPCA or other rescue groups dogs nor allowing private postings… once a again it comes back to responsible rescue and fulfilling the mandate. ARC has taken over the responsibility for Corky financially and other wise, like any rescue we have limited funds and have to budget for every dog, re-rescuing a dog with no proof of vaccinations, rabies etc is very troublesome on many levels. She will be altered at our expense this wee
    great thanks to those have helped her this far
    Annette Armitage
    President ARC

  6. Anonymous4:29 AM

    What a cute dog Corky is! And how lucky she is to be with you and the gang! Love the photo of Charlie, too!

  7. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Can't for the life of me figure out why a rescue placed a rather active pup with an elderly couple! There has to be accountability on both ends. Was this dog not vaccinated prior to being placed and why was this dog placed unspayed? This seems like important things a good rescue should be doing.Unfortunately the failure at all ends means poor Corky pays the price. :(