Friday, August 22, 2008

Zeus Update!

My deepest apologies - somehow I got distracted - I got Zeus photos a couple days ago and I forgot to post them! But here they are now...

And here is some narrative to go along with the photos - it's kind of funny - his owner sounds like a pretty funny (and understanding) person!

Well Zeus has shown his personality and if you are a human he loves you, if you are a dog....RUN. Zeus is simply a K9 asshole , I mean that in the kindness sense of the word as he will try to destroy another dog regardless of its size, age, behaviorism(s) and distance. He is determined to convince every other dog on the planet he is the boss.
Other than that he is a pretty good fella, he is very calm around people and small children and LOVES to go for drives in the car that happen at least twice a day.
He still has a couple bad habits but is very eager to hear the words GOOD DOG so he has been making progress. In short he has been a lot more of a handful than originally thought but he genuinely loves being loved and is eager to be 'good boy"

So that's it for this Zeus update - his owner teased us in his email that he has more photos to come - so hopefully they will be forthcoming in the next little while. Zeus looks pretty pooped in these photos - so maybe the other photos were of Zeus romping around trying to chase those aforementioned dogs that need to be killed - just JOKING! haha!


  1. Anonymous12:45 AM

    Ah, Zeusie ... well, if I'd been forced to live with so many other dogs against my will for SOOOO long in god-awful conditions, I wouldn't be too partial to them either.

    Bless you Zeus' dad for helping him be a good dog.

  2. Anonymous9:35 PM

    I just hope nobody from Animal Services reads what the owner writes in this post!!
    If Zeus lives in HRM and threatens other dogs, let alone hurts them, he's a "dangerous dog". They can lay by-law A300 on him and make him wear a muzzle. After that, one false move, and Zeus gets the noose!

  3. rottnmom9:41 PM

    Joan, please pass along my best wishes (and HUGS) to Zeus and his new owner. Tell him for me that Zeus' kennel-cousin Sasha also came out of "that place" with the same attitude and outlook of her fellow canines. It took longs months, many forgiving neighbours and lots and LOTS of patience.......but the end result was well worth the effort. I wish them both a long, happy companionship and many moments to make into memories.