Thursday, August 21, 2008

What are some people thinking

I was out driving and I saw this. What I saw first was the "rescue and adopt" sticker and it says "SPCA" on it - and I thought - isn't that nice - a compatriot. Someone who thinks like me. And the person in the rear view mirror looked pretty normal.
And then something popped up in the back of the truck and I suddenly realized - this person had a DOG loose in the back of that fan-damned truck.

It takes all kinds of people to make up this world - I'm sure he thought there was nothing at all wrong with carrying his basset hound loose in the back of his pick up truck so that it could slide back and forth - which is what he was doing - and the window open - I wonder how many times the dog falls out the back when he has to make a sudden stop. I'm glad he didn't have to do that today so that I had to run over the poor dog.

The guy also had a personalized licence plate - it said "BASSET". Can you imagine - he must really LOVE HIS DOGS.


  1. What an idjit! It should be illegal to have animals loose on the back of trucks!

  2. Anonymous12:15 PM

    yesterday there was a guy in Kentville with his dog tied to the back of his truck and the dog was jumping up on the tool boxes, skidding off, sitting down on them etc---it was HORRIFYING.. is there legislation in NS for dog transporting?

  3. I don't think it is in Nova Scotia - I know it's illegal in some other Canadian provinces, but I think in Nova Scotia, it's not illegal. I've never done any research to check though. But maybe someone else who visits this blog would know. I know someone who has a dog who was thrown out of a vehicle - and was horribly injured - and she was part of his rescue - and that's why she has him - she might know what the law is - I should check with her.


  4. Anonymous1:58 PM

    It is apparently illegal to allow them to ride around on the back of the truck. I've made several complaints on the highway and the police have came along and stopped them!!! Call and report them!

  5. In Montague, PEI - it is illegal to have a dog on the back of a truck.