Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Me and Buttercup went to Antigonish Today!

So me and Buttercup were lucky enough to be invited up to lunch with the ladies who run the Antigonish branch of the SPCA - and we had a fabulous time - and we got to meet their fabulous dogs - this is Nova - their rescued Greyhound - can you believe this face? Buttercup wanted to bite it off. But luckily fate intervened and Nova got to keep it looking as beautiful as it was when we arrived.
This is their little basenji Dakota - and she is true to form and didn't bark once, but she did lots of squealing. I left them some liver - so hopefully they'll get lots of opportunities to be good in the next little while.
We went out to lunch at "Boyd's Seafood Galley" - "located on a scenic drive on Highway 337 North overlooking Cribbon's Point Wharf" (I know that because I saved the menu). The food was awesome. I had clams and chips and the lobster roll looked especially good too.
I forgot to ask what the significance of this rock sculture was - but I'm sure it has one.
A little shot of a wooden seagull and some buoy action outside the restaurantGuess what? I found more milk thistle at Cribbon's Point Wharf! Yea!
I also had lunch with some very other amiable individuals too!
Here's a couple poses of Buttercup modelling alongside a docked boat next to a big cliff looking very beautiful. She'd just taken a big dump - so I think she was feeling pretty good at this point (and yes, I did pick it up)
Still looking beautiful
Here's a nice shot of the harbour with the boats - isn't the Antigonish area nice?This is the lobster trap that my hosts found for me while we were at the wharf!! I don't know if you've noticed in the masthead of this blog I say this blog is about "Me, my dogs, ... along with pictures of the aforementioned that I've taken - as well as pictures of various and sundry pieces of rope or buoy booty" - so pieces of ocean stuff are important to me - an intact lobster trap is like GOLD to me. This just MAKES my back yard now! hahaha! Sorry Dad!
This is the dogs surveying my new masterpiece of a backyard - they look pretty - well, actually they don't care - but it's something pretty damned good for them to pee on!
!And proving that no day is no complete without a new t-shirt - the ladies of Antigonish even gave us t-shirts from the Antigonish SPCA - modelled here by Betty - it was a perfect day all around

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  1. Wow! What an awesome day! No torrential rain to spoil it by the looks of it!