Friday, July 4, 2008

An Exhausting Day at the Beauty Parlour

My suggestion about grooming appointments? Don't make them for late on Friday afternoons - because YOU are tired, and the groomer is really busy. I did get to hold this little dog Max though who was at the doggy day care - he was very cute.
Buttercup was pretty unhappy with the whole thing - we were there for 3 hours and her legs are really sore - I was getting her groomed because she's going in for more surgery on Monday - can you believe it? Another dog going in for surgery! Carnegy Animal Hospital is making a mint off my dog family this last month. Buttercup's been limping pretty bad on the leg she had operated on a couple months ago and Carnegy says he can feel the pin he put in is sticking out a bit - so that might be the cause - so he's going to remove the pin. Poor Buttercup!
This little doggy felt like I did - he wanted to go home.
He was so cute - laying down by the front door just waiting for human lifetime companion to come get him - even laying with his head on the glass - just waiting, waiting.....

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