Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another letter to the Editor about Whitney Pier Pit bull Incident

There was another letter to the Editor about the Whitney Pier Pit Bull Tragedy in the Chronicle Herald on Friday. I'm glad, because sometimes it seems like I'm the only one who's writing in letters to the Chronicle Herald!

Here it is:

Breed gets bad rap

I would like to thank the woman who submitted the July 14 letter "Ban the chains." I own a pit bull and he is one of the nicest dogs I have ever seen. My dog is never outside without supervision. All dogs are capable of biting someone and if they are under stress from being in the heat all day or chained with no one watching, then you can expect disaster.

Don’t ban a breed because of its owners. Why ban an innocent animal because of how an owner trains it or treats it? I wouldn’t take very kindly to someone trying to tell me I wasn’t allowed to have a pit bull because of its breed. If people studied these dogs, they would fully understand them. They get a bad rap and that’s not fair.

Don’t punish the dogs; punish the owners. In the end, we are the ones responsible. I have a very strong passion for pit bulls; they are amazing dogs. Dogs are there for love and loyalty, so please don’t hate the breed. Get educated about them.

P Noble, Sydney Mines

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  1. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Good letter but I wish when people write in and say get educated, they would post one or a few links(if allowed) where they can actually get educated if they are so inclined.
    I understand Peoples views/opinions
    on Pit Bulls(They`re mistaken) but if all they have ever seen or read are the headlines...
    IMO great sites are
    (Breed info & Article Search)
    and this Canadian one is also good.

    We must attempt to educate even if it`s only 1 individual that makes the effort to read the factual info.