Sunday, June 15, 2008

Peggy's Cove on Father's Day

My Dad very nicely took me out to Peggy's Cove for supper tonight - isn't he the cutest senior citizen in the world?
Everywhere I go I see people and their dogs - I saw this guy out the window of the restaurant enjoying the view at Peggy's Cove - the dog looked like he was having a good time being out with his best friend.
This is a shot of the ubiqitous lighthouse with my newish telephoto lens - the lighthouse is almost too close for the lens.
If there's a beach I'm going to find it - there's a beach at Peggy's Cove! I'd never noticed it before, so I made my Dad pull over so I could go and take pictures of it. Of course there wasn't any path that I could find to it, so I got my legs all scratched up and I got bit by some kind of bug that I'm allergic to, so I'm currently blown up like a stuck pig - but the beach was neat - black sand. It was actually completely enclosed. Very neat. Tons of driftwood too. I picked up a couple pieces but put them down since I was in my Dad's car.
So it was a good afternoon, although dogless on my part. But the dogs have to stay home sometimes.

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