Saturday, June 21, 2008

3-Dog Bakery had their Grand Opening Today!

So me and Buttercup went over to Dartmouth Crossing (22 Logiealmond Close) for the Three Dog Bakery's grand opening today - this photo is Buttercup for the about 10 seconds when she was down on the floor and I was taking photos - you can tell how much she likes being down on the floor - which is not at all! Poor Buttercup.
The store was packed - with people and dogs and everyone was having a good time. They have got lots of great stuff - not just baked treats - of which they have a lot - at this very moment that I am typing out this post I am being given a few minutes of dog freedom because everybody is chewing on some sort of braided something or other that was dipped in something that everybody is taking their good time savouring - so I am happy that I bought everyone one - it was a good buy.
Here's another shot of the store - you can see all their baked confections - of which you will see in the next photo.
You might be able to see a little chunk bit out of one corner - I HAD to try a tiny bit to see what these actually tasted like, because they DO look good enough to eat, don't they? But they are actually meant for dogs! The top tastes like cream cheese - which is what it is - so it didn't taste too bad! haha! But I was nice and gave them to the dogs! haha!This is my friend Colleen who I haven't seen in many years - we used to know each other before we had dogs - so that's a LONG time ago! Her dog is like Buttercup and is also an SPCA dog - which she got 4 years ago.
Now HERE'S the money shot - this is what I went for - the FREE T-SHIRT! And I put it on when I got home - and it's a fabulous t-shirt - it fits me perfectly! Yea! I love free stuff! Three dog bakery is the best! And all the dogs here think so too now that they've had the cookies, the cake and the breaded bakery chews! And also gotten to see their mommy with the fabulous t-shirt!

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  1. Dogs would definitely enjoy munching on those. It's nice that there are now cookies and treats with different size and shapes.