Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life goes on

Even with all the exciting things going on in the world of dog politics - life still goes on in our day to day world, and yesterday was a big day for me and my dogs - it was the first day we got to go for a walk in the woods since Buttercup had her luxating patells surgery at the beginning of April.Since Buttercup's surgery we've only been able to go on street on-leash walks, which isn't very fun for dogs who are used to going on big dog off leash walks every day - so yesterday was a momentous occasion for me and the dogs.Although it was only the woods of Spryfield - which means it was just trees, garbage, broken glass, car wrecks and us - but even still - it was pretty good. The REAL fun will be when we go to the beach.Although I don't know if we'll ever get to go climbing over the rocks at Crystal Crescent or Prospect Bay again - with Jack being mostly blind he doesn't seem to be too much into anything that's not a very clear path - which kind of sucks, and he won't let me carry him - but we'll find new places that are equally exciting - buoy booty must exist even in places that are easy to walk on I'd imagine.But yesterday all the dogs - Charlie, Daisy, Jack, and Buttercup - were all having a hell of time running around in the woods - it'll be great to get back in the routine of daily walks there rather than short walks on leash in the neighbourhood.
I expect that Buttercup will get back to herself much faster now that we're doing these kinds of walks - her muscles will build up much faster now. It is SO hard having dogs who are all getting old - I'm sure a lot of people can commiserate - Daisy is 8, Charlie is going to be 10 and both Buttercup and Jack are 12.
Even if the world of dog politics explodes - our everyday dog life goes on - and we have little victories that - hopefully - will continue to happen.


  1. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Great news about your walk Joan. Does Jack just "sit pretty" all the time now, or did you actually have a liver treat in your hand? *LOL*

  2. Joan, Jack-attack seems so happy. I am really glad he's found you. He's so handsome with his hair cut!