Friday, April 25, 2008

Tomorrow is the NS SPCA AGM

So tomorrow is finally the NS SPCA AGM at the Future Inn out in Bayer's Lake in Halifax. I am so glad that it's finally here, so that it can finally be over. I will be SO glad to be able to get back to writing posts about fun things going on relating to dogs in the HRM and my daily adventures with my own dogs - and not all this nasty business that's been going on the last month.

The problem is - that unfortunately, hopefully - this is only the beginning with what is going to be happening with the Executive of the NS SPCA. Hopefully there is going to be an implosion - a huge forest fire, so to speak - so that there can be a complete rebirth and beautiful things can happen in the sheltering world in Nova Scotia. I hope, I hope. I hope that beauracacy does not take over/kill whatever it is that comes after the AGM. Because it's a long road to hoe in the months to come for whoever it is that's going to be at the top of the NS SPCA.

The Cape Breton Post today published an article saying that the President of the Cape Breton SPCA is going to support the current Executive. I guess he doesn't want to change his 75% euthanasia rate, or his use of the gas chamber at his branch. That's too bad. I feel bad for the animals of Cape Breton. They don't have very much protection down there if the SPCA is feeling like they're doing a pretty good job in animal sheltering down there currently.

Yesterday there was an article in the Chronicle Herald - called "SPCA's Critics: We have been Muzzled" - it's very interesting that Pam Keddy and Judith Gass have been unavailable for comment all this week - they're saying that they'll have a statement AFTER the AGM. Interesting.

SPCA’s critics: We have been muzzled

By LAURA FRASER Cape Breton Bureau
Thu. Apr 24 - 5:05 AM

Two ousted members of the provincial SPCA allege that the society’s executive has been silencing its critics by turfing them.

"Things are seriously wrong at the SPCA," Janet Chernin said in a recent interview. "If somebody is critical, they’re gone. If somebody wants change, they’re gone."

Ms. Chernin and Joan Murray are also questioning why the public has been barred from the annual general meeting on April 26.

The pair are prohibited from attending.

Holding the upcoming meeting behind closed doors implies the society has something to hide, Ms. Chernin said. "And that doesn’t sit well with me because a not-for-profit organization . . . should be 100 per cent transparent to the public."

The Nova Scotia SPCA is a charitable society under the Animal Cruelty Prevention Act.

The act is governed by the provincial Agriculture Department. But a department spokeswoman said Wednesday that there is nothing in the legislation that affects the way the society runs its meetings.

The provincial SPCA has its own set of bylaws and form of governance, Celeste Sulliman said.

A Canada Revenue Agency spokesman said there’s nothing in his department that would regulate the accountability of the society.

SPCA president Pamela Keddy could not be reached Wednesday to explain the decision to hold a closed-door meeting.

But Ms. Keddy said in a recent interview memberships had been revoked because public criticism can threaten the confidence of society donors.

There’s an appropriate procedure for criticism, which wasn’t followed, she said.

Ms. Chernin said her concerns are about more than having her membership pulled.

It was revoked April 11, about a month after she and Ms. Murray sent a letter to the board of directors calling for the resignations of Ms. Keddy and executive member Judith Gass.

Ms. Chernin and Ms. Murray had asked that a non-confidence vote be tabled at the annual general meeting if the executives would not step down. The board of directors dismissed that request at its last monthly meeting.

Ms. Chernin and her group, N.S. Rescue Crusade, believe that the SPCA took too long before seizing animals from a Cape Breton shelter that was allegedly mistreating cats and dogs.

They are also concerned about what they perceive as the society not taking enough of a stance on Halifax Regional Municipality’s animal bylaws.

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  1. Anonymous3:46 PM

    I just noticed that there are no dogs listed on Petfinder for the Cape Breton shelter. Is it possible they have NO dogs to be adopted? Or they just can't even be bothered letting people know the dogs are there?

    As Joan would say .... just asking.