Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Physiotherapy, New Blog, & "I Can't Believe she Said That!"

So Buttercup started her regime of post surgery phsiotherapy today with Shelley from Pawsitive Action Physiotherapy - Shelley has become very familiar to everyone in our dog family now that everyone in the house is getting old and rickety and everyone's bones are falling apart. I asked Shelley if she thought that Buttercup could get back to her old "Buttercup self" and she said that "yes she thought she could" - so that was very good news for me. So Shelley will be coming every week for the next many weeks to get Buttercup back in top shape. Wouldn't it be nice if our human physiotherapists came to our home? That would be awesome.
As you can also tell from the top photo - Jack was very interested in everything Shelley was doing. Jack is only the 3rd dog that has bitten Shelley - and Shelley has worked on a LOT of dogs! Jack is so SPECIAL! That's why everyone loves him. You never know what he's going to do next.

I've had a blog on my listing to the right for a while - but I wanted to point it out in a blog post - because the owner, Janet - has been making a lot of great posts about the NS SPCA - so I wanted to let everyone know that I'm not the only local person who's talking about this stuff - and she's making a lot of great points! Her blog is at http://grannysstory.blogspot.com/ - and I think it makes for great reading! I am SO happy that there's other people writing about this stuff - and she's also writing about other stuff that's also great too!

And in the category of "I can't believe she said that" - I was talking to another person who does rescue locally - and we were talking about the fact that after the seizure of the Celtic Pets animals a radio station down in Port Hawksbury - "the Hawk 101" did an amazing thing and raised $11,000 in one day to help the NS SPCA with the seized animals. That is truly amazing - that they were able to do that. That really shows that Nova Scotians and Cape Bretoners - really do love their companion animals. You know, we really do. But I think it also begs a couple of obvious questions. And you aren't going to believe I'm asking these questions - but what if Zonda MacIsaac would have had that $11,000 a couple years ago so that she could have done proper renovations to the kennels that she bought so that the animals in her care could have been properly housed and she had started things out properly - maybe none of this craziness would have happened - maybe it WAS all to do with things getting out of control - and some help from outsiders at the beginning would have made all the difference - there, I told you you wouldn't believe I was asking the question, but there it is. And I think it's a valid question.

Another question I'm asking is - what if that $11,000 was given to the Cape Breton SPCA instead of the NS SPCA - who has a 75% euthanization rate - imagine what could be done to that shelter.

I read an article a couple weeks ago about a group down in Columbus, Ohio called "Habitat for Dogmanity" - built on the same premise as "Habitat for Humanity" - and they go to animal shelters and help with renovations or build outdoor enclosures, or do whatever's needed with as little money and as much volunteer help as they can muster. It's an awesome idea - and one that I think could work here. But imagine how far $11,000 would go for something like that. Just a question. I'm asking.


  1. Anonymous8:49 AM

    I understand your comments about the money, but part of the problem was that ZM never let anyone know her kennel was in such distress. She and AM took great pains to hide that fact. If she had, the generous rescue/pet loving community might have responded accordingly (and, having said that, I know people who DID help her financially without having a clue as to how bad things were there). I just don't think it's a simple as boiling it down to a money problem.

  2. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Yeah for Buttercup getting better.

    Jeannie :o)

  3. Anonymous3:44 PM

    What an excellent point about the CB SPCA. I have wondered where they are in the wake of all this media...

    ang & nelly