Saturday, March 29, 2008

Where we were for Earth Hour 2008

So our little family took part in Earth Hour 2008 here in Halifax, Nova Scotia - we turned all our lights off and any extra electricity I could think of, although I have to admit I didn't turn off my router, so I could still get my emails if I so chose to check in on them, which I don't think I did anyway.
I'd say this is a pretty usual place for us on Saturday night anyway, I'm a pretty lazy person with not much to do - except instead of a couple lamps on - I just had a couple candles on. The only ones who probably noticed anything was amiss was the fishes who had their tank lights turned off for the hour, I don't know if they were pissed off - do you think they noticed?
It didn't affect Daisy too much, but maybe it'll help us all in the long run.
And it didn't bother Jack too much - all he cares about is when his next treat is coming - he's looking at me here going - "I've been standing in the kitchen for like 5 minutes waiting for you to give me a treat - WHERE have you been!"

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  1. Anonymous10:33 AM


    Love the pictures! Great that you guys observed Earth Hour! I love the candle idea. My partner being from Denmark has the tradition of Hygge - which is just a cultural name for something danes do regularly - sit around with friends or family in candlelight having a cozy enjoyable time. This reminded me of Hygge.

    I love to sit around by candlelight. It so relaxing. I was at the hospital with Mom for Earth Hour but I had plans to be at home and I was going to do like you and shut down all extraneous things.

    Maybe I will do it tonight instead!

    I often wonder about fish tanks...don't water bodies around the world have night and day? or atleast the same celestial effects as above water? So why are aquarium lights on 24 hours? I wonder about fish who come from great depths where there is little light...what do they think? Hmmmm..I guess I must spend more time thinking like a fish!

    Heather Morrison