Saturday, March 1, 2008

Some Cute Photos

The publisher of "Furry's Halifax" took this photo of Buttercup and me last Sunday at the Doggie Expo - isn't it cute? This is how Buttercup spent basically the whole day - she was being so sooky with all the other dogs around, she wasn't letting any other dogs coming within range of me - and she would really rather no dog get anywhere near her liver either, if she would've had her way - especially when she realized there was loose liver on the table that dogs were taking pieces from! A few dogs got some good growls because of that. But that's the beauty of small dogs - they can still be dog aggressive and go out in public. Buttercup has more of the characteristics that you would label as being typically of the "pit bull type" than any dog that fits the physical characterstics I've ever met!

Here we have a few photos from tonight. When the dogs come in from playing out in the back yard they typically continue carrying on in the living room - note that you can still see the snow on Charlie and Daisy's back - they were being just SO cute that I had to take some pictures. When Buttercup chooses to get involved in the play - the shenganigans become completely unmanageable in their cuteness. Charlie and Buttercup are just SUCH good friends.

This is Jack viewing the melee from the chair next to me - he hasn't quite yet figured out this whole "wrestling" thing - but I'm thinking that he's not too far from getting involved. Being almost blind and 12 years old puts him at a distinct disadvantage for this type of game, so he might be better off at just being a referee on the side lines. But damn, he looks cute. He's not scared at all - which is a good thing - I think he'd be right in the middle of it if he had 20/20 vision.

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