Saturday, February 2, 2008

There is something deeply wrong going on here in the province of Nova Scotia

Originating in Cape Breton - the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities - is trying to enact province wide dog legislation in 2008 that will give breed restrictions province wide. I first wrote about this in August 2006. It's going to come to fruition this year if Lloyd Hines has his way. How can this happen in a province where people like me live? Will it happen? I can't believe that it will happen - and if it does - there is definitely something wrong with this world that I am living in.

And don't even start with Bylaw A300 and the wording that has continued to be left in it that I have talked about before as it relates to dangerous dogs and the definition of what an attack is. And the idea that they can't tie income from their Animal Control services to fines generated - that fines have to go to the Police Department and the province - when you look at Calgary their fines are 4 pages long - they even have a fine for letting your dog's head hang out your car window! They are punitive to the 10th degree and the people love it. They have a high compliance rate because they know they'll be caught and they have a multi-million dollar shelter because their fines pay for it. And they also have over 100 off leash parks - and do you know why they do that? Because they know they need them - and then they can FINE anyone who's off leash anywhere that's not an off leash park! I tell you, it's not rocket science. Give the people what they need - and then make them compliant.

Today is a very sad day for Nova Scotia - and 2008 may be a very bad year for dog owners - if dog breed restrictions pass throughout the province - how will that affect us? A LOT. If Bylaw A300 passes as it's currently written - how will that affect us? A LOT.

We are in very very dark days - it could go either way - dog positive - or very dog deadly. I don't even know if there's anything we can do about it.

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