Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Good book and a funny cartoon

My Dad sent this cartoon to me - I thought it was hilarious. I'm not a cat person, and I've always demanded that I be the only sentient being in the house who has the ability to breed - but this cartoon is funny none-the-less.
One of my Dad's friend bought my this book - "On Being a Dog with a Bone by Peggy McColl - it is a great book! It's written by a Canadian, and it's like a self-help book on motivation and uses dogs as a metaphor. There's even a chapter on leashes - and it says:

"So, if your leash isn't long enough, know that you have choices. You can get a new leash - a longer one or an adjustable one. In other words, if an old belief is holding you back, get rid of it, extend it or get a different belief. Although the leash is limited in length, the length can be changed. And there's another option: Let go of the leash and run freely in the direction of your goals."

I've always been a passionate off-leash advocate - I wonder if that's why I've never really taken any stock in authority or "the man" - this book is making the 2 things correspond - so that's kind of neat. It's a good book

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