Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's been a busy day

I've mentioned before that Buttercup's not been feeling well - her back legs haven't been working, and she can't walk. She's always had bad luxating patella ever since I brought her home from the SPCA and as she's aged her arthritis has gotten worse. And my hovering over her and macro-managing her hasn't helped either I'm sure - but I've always given her a big dog lifestyle - which included tons of exercise, which has really helped her a lot. This winter though - her exercise has gone down because of the cold weather and my old age and aversion to it. And Buttercup's legs have suffered for it.
So tonight we went to the vet and had xrays done so I could make sure it wasn't something worse - like her spine, or a tumour or anything awful - and luckily it wasn't. So I get to continue giving her daily metacam, as much exercise as her atrophied legs can handle - and we've got a referral to our old friend Shelley Malcolm the dog physiotherapist. I hope it fixes her up. This story is to be continued....
This is Daisy on a new chair I bought last week in my ill-fated visit to the Sear's Outlet store when the back of my car was "tagged" - it's a chair big enough that her, me AND Buttercup can lounge on it at the same time - isn't that fabulous! One could almost say that it's as big as a couch - but it's NOT a couch! haha!
Today we also met up with a reporter who's doing a story for the "Retail Council of Canada" Magazine and my "Mission to make Halifax dog friendly" by having my Charlie loves Halifax website and listing all the stores you can take your dog shopping with you - we met up so she could take some pictures of us to go with the interview that she did - so we went to Horseshoe Island which I thought would be nice and picturesque, and I think it turned out to be, quite!

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