Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Buttercup was at the Emergency Clinic Tonight

Today was the very first time I've ever gone to work all day and then gone out for a couple hours in the evening. It was because it was really short notice that we had word that Janet's doggy day care saga was going to be on the docket at City Council, and I couldn't get any time off at work. I have always used vacation time to run errands, or if I had to go out in the evening used vacation time to go home early to spend time with the dogs. But today I didn't. So when I got home from work I only had like an hour-and-a-half and then I had to go out again.
And when I got home at like 7:30pm Buttercup wouldn't walk. I was totally freaked out, and when I picked her up she yelped. As everyone knows, all light from the universe shines out from her asshole - so I was only home for about 10 minutes when I made the decision to take her to the Metro Animal Emergency Clinic.

Buttercup has got pretty bad luxating patella in the back legs - her knee sockets can go in and out at will and when she walks sometimes it looks like she's got egg beaters for legs, and she's probably also getting arthritis back there too. And with all the ice and cold weather the last week - I have been lax about going for walks - I hate the cold worse than some people hate eating their own shit. I mean I hate the cold. So her back legs have been bad the last couple days. Plus Buttercup is a pretty good Princess too and was probably pretty pissed off about being alone ALL day and night.
Luckily though - she had just probably pulled a muscle because the vet poked and prodded and stuck her and Buttercup walked around at the vet over there, and I had just completely over-reacted.

And it only cost me $139 - and Buttercup got a double dose of Metacam and is sleeping very nicely now.

Tomorrow though we're going to be filming a short segment for "Living Halifax" - so I wanted to make sure she could walk at least a little bit - we're going to be going to all the new off leash pilot project dog parks - so she's got to shake her booty for the camera. She's going to be wearing her pearls and I thought I'd put a different coat on her for each of the parks we go to. Maybe even at one of the parks I'll put on a matching hat and scarf that I have for one of her dog coats. That should get a comment from the host! haha!

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