Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dog Friendly Shopping this Christmas Season

Rick Conrad had an article in his Petpourri column today in the Chronicle Herald about shopping for Christmas and it made me think about dog friendly shopping this Christmas - what if you wanted to take your dog shopping with you when you did your Christmas shopping this year? Wouldn't that be neat? So I thought I'd write a post talking about the different stores that I know are dog friendly if you were out and about and had your dog with you and were needing to do some last minute shopping.

That is of course if your dog can handle the crowds and stuff - I know Buttercup can handle it because she's up in my arms the whole time and all she cares about is me - but if you have a larger dog and they get freaked out by too many people milling around them - then maybe this isn't the time of year to be taking them shopping - but if your dog is the type that all they care about is you - and them being with you, then take them along with you when you go to these places, and tell the store owners how much you appreciate being able to spend this extra time with your canine life companions - and that you're spending extra money in their store BECAUSE you've been able to bring your dog with you.

So on to where you can go locally with your dog this Christmas season that you can get some good presents that aren't necessarily presents for dogs....

Well there are the old standards Atlantic News on Morris Street in Halifax and Book Mark book store in Spring Garden Road - you should buy all your magazines and books there for your stockings and Christmas presents because those 2 stores are super dog friendly - and Atlantic News actually has a new dog magazine called "Wag" which is a dog magazine for "well heeled dog lovers" which I bought a couple weeks ago that is pretty neat. They also have all the other standard magazines that will make good stocking stuffers and the ubiqitous bide-a-wile calendar. And Book Mark has a frequent buyers card which is a very good deal.

The Book Room on Barrington Street is also dog friendly - so if you can't get to Spring Garden Road - head to Barrington to buy some books there - also in that area is Biscuit Clothing store up on Argyle - which is also dog friendly - they sell funky and neat stuff which should knock off a few more people from your list.

While we're on the subject of clothing stores - did you know that Mill's Brothers on Spring Garden Road is dog friendly? Although I don't know if I'd try to go in there with a mixed breed dog. The email I got was from a lady who "regularly takes in my poodles and they always have treats behind the counter" - so it all sounds very shi shi to me. I'd be scared to take in Buttercup when she's looking too crunchy and in need of a bath, that's for sure!

But the Trail Shop on Quinpool Road is definitely dog friendly - and they have lots of great stuff that would be great for Christmas presents - you could spend a pile of money there and still have your dog with you. And then the Canadian Tire right across the street is also dog friendly if you also need to pick up some christmas decorations or some LED christmas lights.

If you are in need of some liquor - and who doesn't need beer at Christmas - Garrison Brewery is dog friendly! They also make cream soda - which is more my speed - and I think not too far from them is Little Mysteries and Venus Envy on Barrington Street - both of which sell Christmas presents of a different type (!!) - but equally as valuable to those of whom would enjoy them - and those stores are dog friendly too! haha!

Computer equipment is something that people spend a lot of money on at Christmas time - so I wanted to mention a couple local businesses that are dog friendly - Greenlyph on Queen Street and Robtnik out in Bayer's Lake - you're also supporting local businesses if you spend money there, which is also an important thing.

And I of course HAVE to mention the pet stores/boutiques that are dog friendly - because you know that there are some pet stores that AREN'T! There's Bark & Fitz on Doyle Street, Metro Dog Wash on Cunard Street, Glamour Puss and Naughty Dog on South Park Street, Pawsitively Pet Supplies (new store!) on the Herring Cove Road, House of Dogs on Quinpool Road, Brenda Dog Dudz in Lower Sackville, Petcetera in Dartmouth, Global Pets in Bayer's Lake and Dartmouth, Ted's Tack Shop on Oxford Street, Tack it Up out in Bayer's Lake, Aqua Creations on Quinpool Road, and Walkers Feed in Dartmouth.

And really - these are just the tip of the iceberg - there's a ton of more stores listed on my shopping and resources pages - it's amazing the amount of stores listed now on my website. It's taken 5 years to build them up - and there's been a few disappear over the years - but there's more everyday. The world of dog friendliness is getting better in our city, not worse - as some people would have you believe - and it is SO sad that it's mostly dog owners who like to piss and say that dog friendliness is an unnecessary part of everyday life. I say that life is unlivable without it.

Have fun shopping.

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