Sunday, August 26, 2007

Reunion of old Seaview Gang

I am a testament to the fact that dog owners need and want off-leash space in their own neighbourhood. Before Hurricane Juan and when I lived in the south end of Halifax - I used to go to Point Pleasant Park every day to walk the dogs off-leash. I am not a person who enjoys breaking the law after all. I don't want to break the law in order to keep my dogs exercised. I am happy to go to official off-leash parks in order to keep my dogs happy and healthy. My dogs can handle it, and so can the park I go to. I can work around things.

When Hurricane Juan hit and Point Pleasant Park was closed - everybody was screwed and we were forced to skulk around illegally - but I also started to go to Seaview park everyday - I joined in with the 6pm crowd that had formed there. There was a group of regulars that had been going there for a long time - all the dogs knew each other, and the humans knew each other too, and had formed a social group - even going to each others houses to play cards and have parties. It was fabulous - and happened at a perfect time in my life - shortly after I was divorced. It was great. But as transient as life it - things change and the group broke up.

Tonight a few members of the old group got together at Upper Seaview park and I went and met up with them - it was great to see the old dogs. Some dogs never change - Bart was still trying to hump Daisy. And still not listening to his Dad - as his Dad says - he "almost" knows his name now - he's a bassett beagle mix - he is an awesome, joyous dog. And Siska, a husky, chow mix - is 9 1/2 and has the most beautiful eyes - as you can see below. Buttercup was trying to keep everybody in their place - all the while trying to get me to pick her up. Some things never change!

I have to say - Upper Seaview is an AWESOME park if you're in the north end of Halifax - it has quite a few sniff and pass trails - although they're very close to the roads that head for the bridge, with a big open field as well. I think it would've made a much better choice for an off-leash park than Seaview proper - I've always thought it was really disrespectful to the Africville descendents to put an offleash dog park in their heritage site - Upper Seaview would've been much more appropriate - unless of course Upper Seaview is also part of old Africville - then I'm completely buggered!
This is Siska - keeping her eyes on the prize
Siska, Buttercup, Daisy and Buttercup
This is Charlie being perfect
This is one of the paths down to the new bridge
A couple pictures of guess who?

Bart the basset/beagle - anyone who goes to Seaview knows Bart!

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