Sunday, June 24, 2007

Today's SPCA Dog Jog at Point Pleasant Park

Today was the 5th year I've been to the SPCA Dog Jog I realized once I got home tonight - and this was the first one that there seemed to be a majority of small dogs there. I think Sue Sternberg may be winning the war. It was a beautiful sunny day - and I got a sun burn on my face that's going to smart for a little while. It wasn't a buying crowd and I didn't sell one bag of liver - that was the first time that's ever happened. I had a good time schmoozing though, and that's mainly what I go for anyway. Hopefully the SPCA raised some funds - there was a good crowd there and everyone seemed to be having a good time. I thought I'd post some pictures from year's past just for fun.

This is from 2003 at Shubie Park
Another photo from 2003
Here's a photo from 2004's Dog jog that was also at Shubie Park
This is a picture of a dog named Trixie at the 2004 Dog Jog - I've talked about her here on the blog before - she had a horrible skin condition that was eventually completely cured and she was adopted out to a great family and now is living a beautiful life.
This is a picture of Adina and her dog Buddy at the 2004 Dog Jog doing agility with Lietash - they do demonstrations every year - they were there this year too. I still have a photo album of like 48 pictures from the day that's active at my "Charliesotherplace" web photo album. There's some cute photos there.

2005's Dog Jog was cancelled because there was an outbreak of kennel cough in the HRM - all of my guys got kennel cough - and they got it at the same time too - there's nothing like having 4 dogs with kennel cough at the same time - that's a LOT of mucus! Yuck!

A shot from the pouring rain Dog Jog in 2006 - my blog posting for that day is at if you want to read about that day.

Here's the photos from today
A photo of my table - you couldn't get a nicer view - right on the ocean.
Buttercup growling at someone to stay away from her water.
A shot of the crowd
A picture of Adina and her dog Buddy before they do their yearly agility demonstration - they must be pretty much perfect at it by now! haha!
One last crowd shot before heading home.

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  1. Yes, last year was a wet one indeed. I still remember poor Delta shivering under the canopy you and Maureen were sharing (and mean 'ol mom doesn't have a raincoat for her still!). I can't believe you didn't sell your liver!