Thursday, June 7, 2007

SPCA Fundraiser tonight at Yuk Yuk's!

Tonight there was a fundraiser for the NS SPCA at Yuk Yuk's in the Westin.

They sold tickets and a share of the tickets went to the SPCA and a share went to Yuk Yuk's - I'd say it was a success because the place was absolutely packed - this picture is one of the volunteers selling 50-50 tickets - of which the winner won something like $120 - so that was pretty good!
The comics were fabulous, the drinks were far too expensive - and I'd say everyone had a super time - and much needed money was raised for the homeless and abandoned animals of the HRM - now we just need to start filling out our pledge sheets for the June 24th Dog Jog at Point Pleasant Park!!
When I got home I was lucky that the dogs weren't TOO pissed off at me - Charlie just needed a good scratch -
And Daisy just needed to go out for a pee and have her favourite toy tossed around a few times - I am lucky to have such GOOD dogs!
Buttercup simply needed to take up her presidential spot on my lap!

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