Saturday, June 30, 2007

Charlie loves Halifax is going to be coming back!

For the last 7 months or so Charlie loves Halifax hasn't been updated at all because of my family and some heatlh issues - but with the recently released off leash master plan and newly opened 5 off leash areas - and also the proposed Bylaw A-300, I've decided to spend the next couple weeks going to the 5 new parks and seeing what they're like and just generally updating the site.

I think it's time that local dog owners started thinking about whether our canine life companions are important enough to us to contact our local councillors - or whether we should continue to allow them to blather on endlessly at their Council meetings saying absolutely nothing in a completely uneducated manner and calling "feral cats" "viral cats" like the most esteemed Councillor Hendsbee did at the last Council meeting when the Bylaw A-300 was debated. Pathetic, I'd say.

How can you pass a cat bylaw when you don't know what a feral cat is? That is a hypothetical question I'm asking you.
This is a picture of Charlie tonight after he took a long slow dip in a mud pond. Lovely!
Daisy looking beautiful
Charlie looking beatiful before his mud bath
This was Buttercup tonight taking up her princess position on my Dad's chair. She loves being the queen.

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  1. I like your hypothetical question.

    Unfortunately, stuff like that just seems to start happening.

    Situation in California could be a nightmare.