Friday, April 27, 2007

Who Made More Money - the Seal Hunters or the Seal-Hunter Hunters?

So people on both sides of the seal hunting debate will tell you that this has been a completely awful year from the viewpoint of the seals - in some parts of the ocean there was a 100% mortality rate for the seal puppies because of lack of ice - seal puppies need ice in order to survive their birth and first several weeks of life and this year there just wasn't any ice for the seal puppies to live on in the southern parts of Newfoundland and PEI - so no seal puppies mean that there wasn't any older puppies to kill later on - hence no fishery.

But still - PETA, IFAW, and Rebecca Aldworth from HSUS were sending out emails asking for money so that they could end the seal hunt! But they were being really sly about it - they were saying "pups are dying because there's no ice - and STILL the fishermen are killing them - so give us money to end the seal hunt!" They were getting it both ways - and the seal hunters were getting nothing.

So it seems like the only sustainable thing here is the Seal-hunter hunters - the people soliciting donations to end the seal hunt - the people hunting the seals aren't making any money. Did any of the people who sent in money to PETA or HSUS hear about the fact that more than 100 boats got caught north of Newfoundland because of pack ice? I don't imagine that any money was made by hunters because of that. They were stuck there in dangerous conditions for a couple of weeks. I'd like to see Rebecca Aldworth stuck in those conditions for a couple weeks.

But anyway - I'm getting really bored with saying over and over about how the seal fishery is just like killing cows and pigs - it's no different - it's just that it's out in the open and available for photography - and therefore available for public consumption in it's unwholesomeness - but death is ugly - what you eat on your plate at night didn't get there because of sunshine and lollipops. And PETA and HSUS are taking advantage of that. There's really no difference between a gun, a hekapik and a stun gun that they use on cows - and don't even talk about what they do to chickens and pigs - and the living conditions that they have throughout their lives. And PETA and HSUS know all about that too. So it's really quite pathetic that they'd go after such an easy cash cow. Very pathetic if you really think about it. It must really make a lot of money for them is all I can come up with.

At this point I'd like to also say that God once again must REALLY hate seals - because this is the 2nd year in a row that he's killed 100's of thousands of them because of global warming - what have those poor animals done wrong to have deserved such a decimation of their numbers because of the lack of ice? They must really be an evil animal for God to be doing this to them is all I can say. Thank God I'm not a seal.

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  1. Eh. So much speculation, politics, nonsense and...


    Anyway, I hope Buttercup is feeling better very soon. Of course the first thing that comes to mind are the artificially boosted protein products.

    Gah, lately has not been good for animals.