Friday, April 13, 2007

Daisy had a slight problem today

I have talked here before about how Daisy hides stuff in the back yard and how she will hoard food and hide it inside the house.
Today she was having a dilly of a pickle though - because I gave her a whole piece of pita bread - and it's such a huge thing - how was she going to deal with it?
I have to admit that I kind of did it on purpose - I wanted to see how she was going to deal with it!
Right now she's still just guarding it - I didn't put any topping on it, so she's not interested in eating it - so we'll have to see what ultimatelly becomes of it - I suspect it's going to end up being buried in the back yard at her first opportunity. This is what happens when a dog's been left to starve to death at some point in it's previous life unfortunately. She never knows when she might be starving again!


  1. My Coco likes to take things and hide them in the yard too. She's very cute about it.

    She hasn't had any bad experiences (was born here) but unlike her sisters and brothers, it's just part of ehr personality to collect and hoard! She's funny! :)

  2. Anonymous3:58 PM

    god love Daisy! she's so sweet!!! :)