Monday, March 5, 2007

Some Follow ups and Pet Cemetery in Nova Scotia!

Today I dropped off Bailey - who I talked about a few posts ago who is being fostered by a friend of mine - at the vets to be neutered this morning. She had never seen stuffed animals before, and my car is full of them because Daisy and Buttercup love them - so she had a great time throwing them around and trying to get the stuffing out of them the whole car ride out to Tantallon. I think she figured she'd died and gone to heaven in the back of the Taurus!
But when we got to Tantallon and she was sniffing the front of the vet hospital she suddenly turned around and gave me this look as if to say - "hey - this place doesn't smell like sunshine and lollipops, what is up here?" - and suddenly she wasn't quite so happy! I can tell you that by 7:30pm tonight she was VERY unhappy, and several very unnecessary bits and pieces were missing. Yea! I took some pictures in the car this morning and they're at you want to look at them - she's such a beautiful looking dog, I couldn't resist.

Tonight Charlie and Daisy were feeling very playful so I took a couple shots of them - you can't see that Charlie is glommed onto her butt at this point.
Can you believe this dog? This is a dog who is just DYING for some attention. PLEASE LOOK AT ME!
Buttercup was pretty tuckered out from all the day's events, so she just layed in my lap and directed the evening's events from there.

I got this fabulous candle in the mail today from my good friend Lee Anne Tibbo. Isn't it amazing? It's got a picture of Teddy on it. I guess it's like a memorial type candle thing. I think it's beautiful. I like schmaltzy things like this. I have it burning right at this moment.
When I told my friend Maureen about it she started talking about a pet cemetery outside of St. Croix here in Nova Scotia that she took one of her dogs to to have cremated that I knew nothing about before today. They have a website at and it's kind of neat because you can have your pet buried there - but they also have a crematorium on site and sell specially made urns - but I like that it gives you more of a special guarantee that the ashes you get back are of the ashes of your particular pet. I think I may go for a drive some nice day and check the place out.


Now for an update that Marjorie asked about Tammy Grimes - I had posted about Doogie the dog dying last March 1st - on the same day Tammy was bitten quite badly by one of her foster dogs and went to the hospital by ambulance - the dog was a black chow who had been a former chained dog that had been at her house for a few weeks and had been neutered 3 weeks previously. He had some food aggression problems that Tammy knew about and she had been feeding him separately from her other foster dogs - she always has at least 4-6 foster former chained dogs at any one time - and has since she started the Dogs Deserve Better organization in 2002-2003 - so she's become (I am sure) quite savvy about rehabilitating and living with them in her house. I've seen video of the inside of her house and she has dutch doors set up and she crate trains all the dogs coming in - and truth be told - most former chained dogs are simply just grateful to be inside and around loving people.

But unfortunately there are some dogs who do have aggression problems because of the past abuse - and that's why living on a chain is such an awful thing and why it should be outlawed - and that's also what Tammy said about being bitten - she said that it's made her even more dedicated to the cause than before because she realizes now that this particular dog was a ticking time bomb and that if a child had approached him while he was eating and still on his chain that child would probably have been attacked and killed. She said she felt very bad about the dog being euthanized by the Animal Control Officers - that she felt she had failed the dog - but that there was really no choice left for him.

I asked Tammy today how she's feeling and she said that she's still swollen and sore, but that she's doing okay - she had a lot of cuts and lacerations and her achilles tendon on one foot was pretty torn up - but there wasn't anything that won't heal over time.

You can't save every dog, but you can't look a dog in his eyes and not try to save him, that's what I say.

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