Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Lunacy at The Chronicle Herald Continues

So yesterday they had that completely stupid article about the old bitty falling down after the little dog jumping up on her at Point Pleasant Park and now she's meeting with the Mayor.

So today they've got a poll going - "Are there too many dogs running loose in Halifax's Point Pleasant Park?"

And you can guess what answer is going to win. And what has won - depending on when you're reading this post.

That question is like the line from the movie Amadeus when Emperor Joseph says "It's quality work. And there are simply too many notes, that's all. Just cut a few and it will be perfect".

The thing about Point Pleasant Park is that it's IMPOSSIBLE for there to be too many dogs running loose there! It is one of the only 2 off leash parks in the whole of the regional Municipality! Where else are they going to go? And if there are too many - give us more parks!

Give me a break. Shit. I'm starting to sound like Selma. I'd better calm down, and go to the beach.

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  1. Anonymous12:10 PM

    I've been reading you a few years now but haven't commented because I don't usually have much to say. But, just as the article in the paper left you upset and needing to say something, I too feel like I need to say something.

    I read the article the other day and thought immediately of you. I too was bothered by the elderly gentlemen and his pit bull stereotypes and wondered how all of this led to a meeting with Peter Kelly. Though I suppose it is every citizens right, isn't it?

    What I don't get though is the name calling on your part? Old biddy? Stupid non-dog owners? You gleamed all of this from one article in a newspaper which was written and edited by someone other then the couple? I can imagine that getting knocked down when you are elderly is a frightening experience. These people felt a need to talk about it which is fine because some good education could come out of this for everyone involved.

    What you didn't mention was how the lady said, "Dogs have as much right in that park as I do" So, even after her experience she is still in favour of dogs being there. Hardly an "old biddy" I think. And her Husband, well he wants signs with bigger print. You'd think by your reaction that he was asking for an outright ban on all dogs in the park!

    I am a proud dog owner and advocate myself, but I find it hard to take a person seriously when they resort to name calling. All of the good points that you had to make are lost in the nastiness against people that you only know from a newspaper article. If you had a chance to meet with them personally and educated them about pit bull breeds would you say those things to their face? I am going to guess no. So, why do it here, especially in a place where you hope to help people see all dogs in a more positive light.

    I am hoping for a better understanding on all sides. A little compassion, even for the "stupid non-dog owners" would go a really long way, I think.