Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Daisy's a doberman!

I was going through the dog's papers looking for everyone's spay and neuter documents so that I could everyone registered for April 1st tomorrow and for some reason I thought I'd look to see what they put down as Daisy's breed when they spayed her at Carnegy animal hospital in 2004, and guess what - they called her a doberman mix! haha! So I'm not going to call her a rottweiller mix anymore, from now on she's going to be a doberman mix.
I did a google image search for uncropped doberman pictures and came up with this photo - I think it's pretty close to what Daisy looks like, don't you think? So Daisy is officially not like those awful rottweillers anymore that are being banned everywhere and are owned by rotten right wing wingnut leaders of national dog legislation groups - there must be something wrong with those kinds of dogs if someone like that would want to own a dog like that I'd say. So Daisy is now going to be a very kind and gentle doberman. Isn't she so much more beautiful now?

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